2015 One Word Challenge – January Update 2/5


love (1)

Hi Everyone!!! Today is the first Thursday of the month and here we are doing our updates! First, I would like to welcome everyone to the challenge. You guys made some great word choices, and I am excited to read what you have been doing during the month of January to push you toward your goals for the year.

For this year, I have chosen the word “LOVE” to meditate upon and be driven towards. I decided to have a theme category for each month, because that is how my brain focuses. As far as love goes, I am a firm believer that you must love yourself before you can love anyone else. With this in mind, I decided to dedicate the month of January to “Self Love”.

self love

What did I do to foster “Self Love” in the month of January, you may ask? Let’s see shall we…

• I started meditating each morning for 15 minutes in silence
• Goals and deadlines to complete working on my novel were established
• I wrote several poems to help purge my feeling I usually keep bottled up
• After the passing of a childhood friend, I decided to start a bucket list
• A photo shoot I have wanted to do for quite some time has been completed
• I have done daily affirmations to practice loving “ME”

I’m sure there were several other things I have done throughout the month to walk in my truth of self love. One of the most important things I continue to do on a daily basis is to give myself permission to be happy!

For the month of February, I have chosen to focus on the “Love of History,” and look forward to reporting my progress in March.

Below, I have listed everyone who sent a pingback, and let me know they have chosen their words. When you write your update post, be sure to pingback to this post so everyone can see what you’ve been up to. Don’t forget to tag your post with #RebirthOWC.

Nadine Tomlinson“CREATE”

Making it Write “LOVE”

Extraordinary Adventures of Tashina in NYC “PROACTIVE”

Rosir Reast Writer“PUBLISH”


Kinga Kalandozasai “GREAT(NESS)”

I Am Not Sick Boy “OUTREACH”

Grubbs n Critters “ABSOLUTION”

Silver Lining Mama“COURAGE” which has inspired her to create her own challenge “The Courage Challenge”

A Commonplace Studio – Still Undecided


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