What is Lisa Doing?


Who am I- (2)Many of you may know that I decided to try my hand at writing romance novels under the pen name L. Loren! I created my own brand labeled LoveRotica, a love story with a sexy edge.

PrintMy latest series is The Triple Threat Series, which is still being written. Book 1- Egyptian Nights is now available for purchase on Amazon. Book 2 – Model Behavior and Book 3 Naughty Nairobi will be out later this year.





My series is The WanderLynn Experience, Book 1 The Layover, Book 2 Island Adventures and Book 3 Destination Home are available for purchase on Amazon. Get our copy today.


Other Books by this author:


The Mistreatment of Zora Langston

Watch the trailer here:

“I realized, watching my aunt and uncle, that it’s not the love that hurts; it’s the denial of love…”

Click the picture below to purchase via Amazon:

A nine year old girl loses her father (3)


12 thoughts on “What is Lisa Doing?

  1. Shery Alexander Heinis

    Hi Lisa – Thanks very much for following my blog! It’s always a pleasure to meet a fellow poet and writer, so I do look forward to reading your poetry and writings.

  2. Congrats on the book I LOVE THE TITLE!!!!! I am currently STILL working on query letters for my first novel and writing my second and third-sounds like it would be a mess but its pretty organized LOL. I attended a webinar on self-publishing and I’m thinking of going that route. Would enjoy your input on that!

    • Thanks for the congrats! I am excited for the reveal. I have learned a lot, but have a ton to learn. I just started my second novel yesterday and it is challenging so far. I am not sure how you are handeling 3 at once! OMG Self Pub is allowing me freedom to do what I want, but I live in fear of my inexperience. I am always online learning.

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