10 thoughts on “Writers Quote Wednesday – Tolstoy

  1. Beautiful. I love his War and Peace most of all though. It’s a shame that when his works are studied at school, many kids find them too boring and forget about them later on in life. When you read them as an adult, it’s a whole different story.

      • Not at all, the same as many other books by classic. Dostoevsky at school? How could you relate or even comprehend? On another hand, when I was debating this with my mom (her favourite has always been Chekhov), she made a point that if you don’t at least try to introduce the kids to classics, they wouldn’t know in the future, what they should read or re-read. Two sides of a coin.

  2. This is a really interesting statement, Lisa: sometimes I think that reading too much fiction –where, so often, the beautiful and the good go hand in hand — can make me expect the same to be true in real life. Still thinking about this one . . .

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