Wise Words Wednesday – Plato


It was ‘allegedly’ said to a grieving spouse of a  soldier killed in action 

“He knew what he was getting into, but when it happens it hurts anyway.” 

Sometimes even narcissists need to think before they speak.

***I used the word allegedly because there was no sound bite, just a witness who claimed to hear the comment. (US Rep Frederica Wilson (D) Miami)


Motivational Monday – 10/9/17



There’s an expression ‘When you snooze you loose’. I heard that this weekend and thought that is not always the case. Sometimes when you snooze you win. How? Because you stay out of drama. People these days are notorious for bringing others into their issues seeking validation, but we have to decide what issues are important to address and which ones to walk away from.


The Layover Block Party – Oct 4th 9am -9pm est


You don’t want to miss this!

L. Loren


Hi Lovebirds!

The Layover Block Party2I am so excited right now! Tomorrow will mark the one year anniversary of the release of my debut novel, The Layover! In order to celebrate, I am hosting a Virtual Block Party with some of my favorite Interracial Romance Authors.

That’s rights, some of the best in the business are taking over my author page on Facebook. We are running from 9am – 9pm est on http://facebook.com/l.lorenwriter. Sign up and let us know you will be attending here.

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