The Adventures of the Invisible Fat Lady


Who am I- (8)

Have you ever been is a room of complete strangers and felt invisible? As a plus size woman in a skinny world, I have known that feeling all to often. As a larger woman I have taken many trips and have noticed that the world in general either does not know or they don’t care about the day to day plight of the plus size person.

I have decided to write about my experiences and share them with you. Follow me on my road to world discovery, one town at a time. Since I just recently moved to Tampa, I will visit local shops, restaurants and attend local events. When I am traveling I will update that location too. Many times my weight will not come into play, but unfortunately more times than not it will. I hope you will read these posts with an open mind, a big heart and a sense of humor. I enjoy life and will try to convey that feeling in my posts.

As always I want to hear back from you. Please comment on the posts and I will write back. Have a spot you want me to visit in the Greater Tampa Bay Area, drop me a line here:


9 thoughts on “The Adventures of the Invisible Fat Lady

  1. Just so you know, I admire plus-sized ladies, like Queen Latifah, for example. For me, it’s health and fitness that matters, not being skinny. Strong over skinny, mi seh! LOL!

    BTW, my protagonist in my WIP has a thick body. Growing up, I read many novels with willowy girls. I knew I wanted a different look for my MC. I hope big girls will feel represented. I’m trying my best to do her justice. 🙂

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