2015 One Word Challenge


Who am I- (7)

One Word Challenge – Choose just one word, instead of making empty resolutions, to meditate upon and be driven towards for the entire year. Use this word as inspiration throughout the year to make yourself and the world better. You set the rules.

That’s it… Simple right? I have decided this is a great way to make changes not only in my life, but the world around us. I do not pretend that I can make a huge change in the world as I am just a drop in the ocean, but as they said in Cloud Atlas, “What is an ocean, but a multitude of drops?” I challenge all of you to join me. Let’s make our drops count!

love (1)

My word choice for the year is LOVE!

Choose your word and join the challenge. We will make monthly updates to share how each of us is making a difference in the world with our word. I will post a monthly prompt on the first Thursday of each month. Be sure to ping back to the monthly post…. I look forward to reading your words and seeing your updates!


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