Guest Blog Post!


Hi Lovies,

I was given the honor of writing a guest blog for on the importance of having a good storyline when writing erotica. Check it out here:

Sex, Love and Plots

Untamed is a wonderful writer who started her own publishing company. Writers, please check out her services on her website. I will recommend her without hesitation. 

Thanks Lovies and remember

5 thoughts on “Guest Blog Post!

  1. Excellent write-up! This is definitely a subject that needs more attention. Its the reason I don’t review Erotica from Indie Authors. Not too many people know how to write them. The book covers be looking good, but the stories don’t measure up. I enjoyed reading your post though and how you drew us in. When you was like “All of a sudden SMACK! BOOM! BAM!” Lol. That’s exactly how it feels. You nailed it.

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