Black Authors I LOVE! Day 29


Denis Waitley

Today’s featured author is the last in the series Black Authors I LOVE! that celebrated some of my favorite writers for Black History Month. I wanted to shake things up a bit since this is Leap Year and all so I chose Twyla Turner who is a self published author. She writes BBW Erotica and is my favorite writer in this genre. I know what you’re thinking because before last year I would never have read a book in this genre. I stumbled upon the book Scarred and the cover drew me in. I know they say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but in this case it was dead on. I took a chance and read the book and I was hooked. Miss Turner is a very gifted writer who creates characters that make you fall in love.  Read more about her and the series that started it all for me in the interview I did for my Couch Convos Series. Click Here to read the interview.

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