Black Authors I LOVE! Day 29


Denis Waitley

Today’s featured author is the last in the series Black Authors I LOVE! that celebrated some of my favorite writers for Black History Month. I wanted to shake things up a bit since this is Leap Year and all so I chose Twyla Turner who is a self published author. She writes BBW Erotica and is my favorite writer in this genre. I know what you’re thinking because before last year I would never have read a book in this genre. I stumbled upon the book Scarred and the cover drew me in. I know they say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but in this case it was dead on. I took a chance and read the book and I was hooked. Miss Turner is a very gifted writer who creates characters that make you fall in love.  Read more about her and the series that started it all for me in the interview I did for my Couch Convos Series. Click Here to read the interview.

Chasing Day – A New Series by Author Twyla Turner

©Author Twyla Turner used with permission

©Author Twyla Turner used with permission

This past week I received an email from one of my favorite romance authors as a part of her mailing list. It contained an offer to receive an Advanced Reader’s Copy of her upcoming series “Chasing Day” in exchange for an honest review. Needless to say I jumped at the chance to get my hands on the latest Twyla Turner creation! Being a self published author I know how important it is to have readers write reviews of your work and I was happy to be able to assist Twyla. Being able to read the series before the general public was the icing on the cake.

After I got over my excitement, I settled down in my favorite chair with my Kindle App and dug in. I read with vigor, curious to find out what was going to happen next with the main characters, Chase McCoy and Daylen Daniels. The story takes place over a 30 year period as the readers watch the best friends, who meet on the school bus when they are in the fifth and fourth grades respectively. That’s where Chase learns a valuable lesson that “external beauty didn’t always match what was on the inside.”  The story is captivating as the two young people who are total opposites bond for a lifetime of love, heart aches, triumphs and downfalls, finally to find their happily ever afters.

Twyla has once again written characters that make the readers fall in love with them. I was taken in by the story and refused to relinquish it until I had milked every drop. I felt like I knew Chase and Day personally and wanted nothing more than to see them beat the odds. Who knew the story of a football jock and a band geek could garner such emotions? A myriad of emotions coursed through my veins as I read about these two wonderfully flawed people.  I was angry at the mean girls, I laughed at the class clown, I cried during the heartbreaks and smiled wide during the triumphs. The story ended just as it should have, but not before taking my feelings on a roller coaster ride.  Thank you Twyla for making my blood pressure go up! Lol

Now let’s get down to brass tax. This is an erotic romance series and there were several steamy scenes to warm your, well you know what it warms… The author shows us a caring and loving scene where Chase and Day lose their virginity to each other. It was done in a very tasteful manner and I was amazed at how attentive Chase was instinctively, especially for a teenage boy full of hormones. I must admit I was not enthused when the main characters were with other people. That had nothing to do with the writing; it was the romantic in me who was rooting for the BFFs to get back together.   I loved how Day transpired from a shy, timid girl into a confident, sexual woman.  I also like the fact that Chase did not enjoy sex with the so called “Pretty Girl” who was frigid and unresponsive, the total opposite of Day. I understand they had to experience someone other than each other to know what they lost, but I don’t have to like it.

©Author Twyla Turner used with permission

©Author Twyla Turner used with permission

If you are in the market for a great love story with life lessons and some hot sex mixed in, please do yourself a favor and pick up the “Chasing Day” Series by Twyla Turner set for release on November 20, 2015!(Pre-order Available Now) If you just can’t wait until then, feel free to read one of her other wonderful books that you can purchase on Amazon! Check out my interview with Twyla on her “Damaged Souls” Series Here.

Something New w/ Twyla Turner


Try Something New Today!

‘Something New’ is a two word combination that I live by. I love trying new things, which is how I’ve had some of the best experiences of my life.And when looking back at the life I’ve lived thus far,I realize just how blessed I am to have an open-mind and an open heart to new and amazing things.

Joined Races

So what have I done that has opened myself up to something new? Let’s start with…MEN. I love men! And when it comes to dating, I’ve dated the rainbow. Even one of the oldest. most obscure races in the world, Assyrian.

MEDITERRANEANAnd that man opened my taste buds to Mediterranean foods, and I haven’t looked back since. If nothing else, he helped me to develop my personal love affair with feta cheese. Hummus too! Which then piqued my palate’s curiosity for new and delicious flavors. Different beers, sushi, Vietnamese food etc.
I’m also open to many new sexual experiences, as well. I love to bdsm_collageexplore human sexuality. Mine in particular. And my studies have been mighty delightful. I feel like there’s nothing more fun or eye-opening in a relationship, than trying new things with your partner.And there are so many more experiences I’m waiting to discover (pictured above…Ha!).

blended_collageThen there are my friends. I love being around people of different backgrounds, ethnicities, sexual orientation, etc. The best way to learn more about this world and to better understand things that aren’t familiar to you, is to be open to ALL types of people. And when you do, you also show them your world as well, teaching them about your culture and experiences. In fact, I sat down with a man who admitted to being a bigot and a racist. In his home, drinking beers together. And during our talks, I saw his opinions shift. Often times, racism and bigotry is due to lack of knowledge. It’s not my job to educate the world, but if I can make a difference one person at a time, then all the better.

mark twain quote2

Travel is another word for something new. I love to travel. And not just any traveling. I also like to actually live in the places I travel to. blended2_collageBasically, I’m a nomad. My dream is to spend about three plus years traveling the world, before I decide where I’d like to rest my head for the rest of my days. I adore experiencing other cultures. You learn so much about them and yourself as you travel. I can’t wait to add more stamps to my passport.

Author Twyla Turner

Author Twyla Turner

Last, when it comes to my career, my eclectic nature and thirst for trying new things has brought variety to my writing. I don’t know if I’ll ever write sci-fi, but so far I’ve tried my hand at; erotica/romance, paranormal, suspense, dark themes, and historical (in my book coming soon). In the future I have plans to try out historical/time travel, as well as children’s books/YA (under a pen name of course). I always want to keep my readers on their toes. I want them to say, “I wonder what Twyla is gonna write next.” Because in my quest to write something new, my readers may end up experiencing something new. My goal…to slowly open up the mind and heart, one reader at a time.

Find more about Twyla and her amazing books here:



love (1)

Hi Lovies,

It’s AUGUST!!! Can you believe it? My birthday month went by so fast I barely had time to catch my breath. July was full of LOVE for me as I celebrated my born day on the 19th. I also found a new LOVE for Romantica(Romance and Erotica) Books and was inspired to write my own series. I am happy to say Book 1 is written and I am currently working on re-writing it before sending off to be edited. I fell in LOVE with my characters and can’t wait for you to meet them, so stay tuned. That being said, I was so absorbed with my writing I had little time for anything else. Yes, I know I am supposed to be able to multi-task, but I was tackling a new genre and wanted to really focus. Here are some things I was able to accomplish in the month of July:


  • The quotes for my Words Crush Wednesday Challenge were all quotes that I love and/or quotes that represent me to help celebrate the LOVE of birthdays, mine in particular.
  • The Friday Happy Dance featured several artists that I LOVE and enjoy. I even added a weekend edition to feature Janet Jackson’s new single “No Sleeep” – She is my fave!
  • I conducted an interview for my Couch Convos series with Author Twyla Turner who was my inspiration to write my new series. I read her 3 book Damaged Souls series “Scarred, Open Wounds and Healed” a few times in July because I absolutely LOVE Sloan and Lexi. If you like Romantica please do yourself a favor and buy this series.
  • July was also SHARK WEEK! As you may know I absolutely LOVE sharks. I had a little fun with 7 Fun Facts about sharks and I also posted pics of me when I visited the Megalodon Exhibit at the MOSH in Jacksonville, FL.
  • What I didn’t do, but meant to was share what I received for a birthday gift from the LOVE of my life. I asked for a new tattoo and I got it. I will write a separate post with pics and a review of the shop later.

Here are a few of the updates I received for last few months. It is never too late to join the challenge. Please be sure to ping back to this post so everyone in the challenge can read your update and be inspired & encouraged. Don’t forget to use the tag #RebirthOWC.

Courage by Silver Lining Mama

Integrity by Maria Holm 

Absolution by Grubbs n Critters 

Publish by Rosie Reast Writer

Passion by Quantum Hermit 

Bliss by Seasoned Sistah2

WOW by Making it Write 

Hope by Kyrosmagica 

Effort by Aksabello 

Proactive by The Extraordinary Adventures of Tashina in NYC

Outreach by I Am Not Sick Boy

Greatness by King Kalandozasai 

Create by Nadine Tomlinson 

Passion by Quantum Hermit 

For the Month of August I will focus on the LOVE of trying something new. I challenge all of you to join me.

Remember it’s not too late to join. Feel free to chime in now. Click the pic below for more details: