Words Crush Wednesday #WCW – Ant


wcw ant2

This week’s contribution for Words Crush Wednesday is from musician Adam Ant. It focuses on Mental Health, keeping with our theme this month.

wcw ant

Thanks to those who participated in last week’s challenge. Please remember to ping back to this post and tag #wcw so I can find your posts.

Good Woman

Edge of Excess 

Our Little Apartment 

Rainy Day Reflections 

Homemade Naturally 

A Year with the Mad Grad Student 

Beer Drinker Only 

Kwoted by KE Garland 

Tucked Into a Corner 

Want to join the fun? Click the pic below to see how it’s done:


3 thoughts on “Words Crush Wednesday #WCW – Ant

  1. I love this quote so much and couldn’t have said it better myself. There is still such a stigma associated with mental illness which I find quite odious. It absolutely needs impartial recognition, understanding and compassion. Thank you, Lisa, for this quote!

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