Spread the Love Challenge



I was tagged in Send Sunshine’s post to participate in the Spread the Love Challenge. Here are the rules:

• Write 10-four word sentences about love
• Share your favorite poem filled with love
• Nominate 10 more bloggers to spread more love

I love inspiration and I am all about spreading love so this challenge is right up my alley. Here we go:

“Love is not dead” “Love can melt hearts” “Love is my religion” “Love does not blame”
“Love can be hard” “Love can be contagious” “Love sees no color” “Love is a journey”
“Love transcends all time” “Falling in Love rules”

One of my favorite Love Poems is A Conceit by Maya Angelou. It was featured in the movie Poetic Justice, which stared Janet Jackson and Tupac Shakur


Ten blog I am tagging to Spread the Love:

1. Seasoned Sistah 2
2. Beyond the Flow
3. Izzy-Grabs-Life
4. Come Travel Along
5. Eclectic Odds n Sods
6. Good Woman
7. Poetic Parfait
8. Sherina Speaks
9. Itchy Quill
10. The Reading Bud

17 thoughts on “Spread the Love Challenge

  1. Oooh what a surprise I was reading and listening to this and saw my name hehe wasn’t expecting that at all. Lovely to wake up to so thank you very very much. I heard maya Angelou has an amazing voice but was this her reading the poem? I shall look forward to spreading the love xx big hugs

  2. I like ‘love can be contageous’ I did this challenge too, which reminded me that I hadn’t posted this month’s ‘One Word Challenge, and looking at the page, I only see last month’s posts. Has no-one posted for this month? Or are the posts somewhere else?
    I’m working on mine today.

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