Kindle App for i-Phone Users



Hi guys,

Just a quick post while Scandal is on commercial break. Ha, ha! Earlier today I found something that should help all of us writers with sales. You may already know about it, but because it is new to me I’m posting about it. Usually I am a girl who needs a hard copy of a book, but I needed to read a book for some research I am doing and it is only available on Amazon as an e-book. My dilemma was I don’t own a tablet.

The Amazon Kindle App for i-Phone was the answer! I decided to go ahead, order the book and worry about how  to read it later. In the past I have downloaded PDF files and a cookbook or two and been was able to view them on an i-Books App so I thought there might be a way to open a Kindle book there. Well. I did not have to worry because upon checkout, Amazon prompted me to download their free app. To my surprise, not only did the app fulfill my needs, but it was FREE and it came with a $5 credit. I was stoked because I was able to get the book I needed for pennies! Woo Hoo!

kindle appGet yours today and tell your readers. It broadens your readership to i-Phone users without uploading your manuscript to i-Tunes. Happy reading!

Your Help Needed!



Hi Guys,

This marketing thing is a strange undertaking for me. At the wonderful suggestion of Colleen from Silver Threading I started a campaign with an organization called Thunderclap.

Simply put, Thunderclap is an organization similar to crowd funding, except there is no money involved for the basic package.

Supporters need to:meme12

  • Click a button to support my campaign.
  • Choose a Social Media Forum to help spread the word
  • Share news about my campaign on your social media

That’s it! No fuss, no money exchanged, simple and easy.

The point of it all:meme 7

  • If I secure 100 people to share my campaign
  • Thunderclap will share my book throughout their members and reach thousands of people I could never reach
  • Hopefully these members will purchase my book or tell a friend who will

What I need:meme17

  • CLICK HERE and support my campaign! It takes less than a minute and can be invaluable for me as an Indie Author.
  • Re-Blog this message to tell your friends!

meme18I am currently at 39 of 100 clicks and only need 61 more people to help. I have over 900 followers on this blog alone so it is doable. There’s not much time left. The campaign expires on May 5th so please act now!

To those who have already helped and those who are going tomeme13 click, Thank you so much!

Thunderclap Hooooo!


This story will have you cheering for

Yesterday I had a chat with someone who has become dear to me over the past few months. The thing is I have never met her in person, but she and I are building a “BLOGSHIP”. I know that’s not a word, but there is not a word for a relationship via a blog, so I made-up my own. Colleen Chesebro from the Silver Threading blog has been a great source of support with the launching of my debut novel, The Mistreatment of Zora Langston. Well Colleen suggested I start a Thunderclap campaign to help get the word out.

As an indie author I am all about finding unique and effective ways to market my book, not to mention FREE! I decided to check out their website and found it very interesting indeed. Thunderclap is an online forum for people to spread the word about their causes. You’ll find campaigns about the environment, health, legalizing cannibus, etc. They also offer artists the opportunity to start a campaign to get the word out about their work.

The Basics:
You sign up in just a few minutes providing a social media account of your choice.(required because this is how they run the campaign) You can choose the amount of clicks required to start running your campaign. I chose 100, the basic plan. Once the set-up process is complete, they will review your campaign and either approve or deny your campaign request. I am happy to report mine was approved!

Now come the fun part. I NEED to get 100 of my family, friends, followers and fellow bloggers to go to my campaign and simply click the button to support my campaign. If I meet the minimum clicks by the deadline I set during set-up, the company will launch a social media campaign to spread the word about my book! I chose the FREE option, but you can upgrade to other packages for a pre-determined rate.

Now I need your HELP! I need everyone who reads this post to click the link to my campaign and support me. It doesn’t cost any money and it will help get my book some exposure.


Thanks for your assistance and please spread the word: Reblog, share on FaceBook and Twitter

Book Reviewers Wanted!


reviewers wanted As you may be aware, I released my debut novel, The Mistreatment of Zora Langston this past week. The book is currently available on Amazon and I am currently running marketing campaigns. What I need now is help from my blogger community. I need people to read and review my book for me. I am looking for objective and experienced readers who like to read coming of age, fiction novels. Since I am a self-published writer, I can not afford to pay people hundreds of dollars to do this for me. What I can do is provide you with a FREE copy of my book in return for an honest review. If you are interested in helping me out, please contact me via email at for more information. Thanks for your time and consideration. thanks


Thanks to all who responded. I have all the reviewers I need for this book, but I’m sure I will need more for my future endeavors.