Get Some of Deez #byegilbert


arenas wnba

When I read the comments by former NBA player Gilbert “Bitch Better Have My Money” Arenas I was shocked and appalled. Check that, I was not shocked, just appalled. It seems Mr. Arenas has taken to a new profession as a pimp after his failed NBA career. I say pimp because he thinks women should show T&A in order to play a sport at an elite level. (The reason I am appalled) Never mind the years they spend training and studying film to hone their craft. It doesn’t matter that they sacrifice their bodies and personal lives to play pro ball. All that matters is they look good, turn a profit and they must sleep with whom he deems worthy. Sounds like a pimp to me. And just in case you were wondering, a pimp is not an admirable trade!

I burns me up that women still have to fight against the stupid, asinine stereotypes that developed from some prehistoric man who felt emasculated by his cave woman and decided to put her in her place. Newsflash, those times are long gone. In case you missed it, even the military has woken up and now allows women in combat to fight side by side with the men! You would think a “man” who was once married to a former collegiate basketball standout, and fathered two daughters by the same woman, would be more responsible with the words he uses; but then again this is the same “man” who ended his own career by brandishing a gun in his team’s locker room. (The reason I am not shocked)  One must hope his derogatory words do not carry over into his parenting skills because he not only has daughters, he has sons. It would be a shame to raise children to think like he does. Let’s just hope their mother is able to sway their opinions in this matter.

wnbaNow that I have talked about him, let’s put the spotlight on the ones who actually deserve it, the women of the WNBA! As a former college basketball player, I have been drawn to the league since its inception in 1997. In the past, I have held season tickets with both the Charlotte and Atlanta franchises and continue to follow the league regularly. There are some great athletes in this league who never get the RESPECT or publicity they deserve. Not only do most of the players find it necessary to play year round, because their salaries are not up to the same standard as their male counterparts. Most of the time, they forgo or delay becoming a mom in order to continue to compete. Sure there are several mothers in the league, but a lot of the ladies choose not to get pregnant until after they retire.  As for Arenas’ claim that the league is full of “ugly lesbians”, I must say he is an ass. Sure there may be lesbians in the league, but aren’t there lesbians in every profession? As far as most of the ladies being ugly, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Who is this a-hole to force his opinion about a woman’s looks on the rest of us? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and from the comments and blogs I have read about Arenas, the ladies aren’t really feeling your steez bro. What I would like to point out is it shouldn’t matter what the ladies look like if they have talent, and they all do.(Otherwise they would have been cut or never drafted to begin with.)

So now that I have gotten that off my chest, how about we get to some real news like SANTA!!!! You know he’s coming in just a few days and it is not too late to get on the nice list…. I’m talking to you Arenas… you really got some splaning to do.santa hate

#LoveandBasketball Extravaganza is HERE!


15th (1)

It’s Saturday, and it is time to kick off Rebirthoflisa’s Love and Basketball Extravaganza. We are going to celebrate the movie’s 15 year anniversary by displaying the Movie Soundtrack and Character Features throughout the day. Check back often for new post and I am glad you’re here! For those of you not familiar with the movie or those who want a refresher, check out the trailer that started it all:

Love and Basketball Turns 15!


15th (1)

“I’ve loved you since I was 11 and it just won’t go away.” These words are spoken to Q at the eleventh hour before his wedding. Monica finds the strength and courage to fight for her love and wins! Love and Basketball is one of those movies that resonates with me and I remember exactly where I was and how I felt watching this cinematic masterpiece for the first time. In the month of April in the year 2000 I was living in Charlotte, NC with my then fiance Doug. (We married later that year in June) I was a season ticket holder for the now defunct Charlotte Sting and I loved women’s basketball to the core. As a former collegiate player I was instantly drawn to this movie because of the basketball, but when they mentioned love I was sold. I decided nothing was going to stop me from seeing this movie, and when Doug declined my request to join me, I went alone. I hate going to movies alone, but I made an exception for this one. I was not disappointed.

15 years have passed since that fateful day and I have seen this movie a thousand times. I can’t help myself, whenever I see it on TV I have to watch it. It is right up there with “The Color Purple” as one of my all time favorite movies. When I realized the anniversary was upon us, I decided to host an event on my blog. This Saturday, June 20th I will have a Love and Basketball Extravaganza. I hope you will join me all day as there will be new posts hourly. On the half hour, I may have a surprise as well.  I hope you stop by frequently for the celebration and please tell your friends.

The Evil Empire Comes to Town!


Writing 101: Day 15 – Your Voice Will Find You
You’re told that an event that’s dear to your heart- an annual fair, festival or conference – will be cancelled forever (or taken over by an evil organization). Write about it. For your twist, read your piece aloud, multiple times. Hone that voice of yours!


Anyone who knows me knows that I am a die hard Tennessee Lady Vols Basketball Fan. I have loved this team and the coaches since the early nineties. Pat Summitt is one of the people I admire most in the world and I have attended several South Eastern Conference (SEC) Women’s Basketball Tournaments in my day. The expression “I Bleed Orange” is an understatement when you’re talking women’s basketball. I am such a fan that I have been known to drag my poor husband, who is from Wisconsin and has not figured out that basketball is a religion in the South, to countless games and tournaments. It’s all about the Lady Vols in our house. I even have our office decorated with LV memorabilia and posters.

For some time now, The Lady Vols have been at odds against the University of Connecticut (UCONN) Huskies. UT fans absolutely despise anything or anyone associated with Storrs, CT and we especially can’t stomach the face of Geno Auriemma, head coach of the women’s basketball team. The fans in CT feel the same about us.

So you can understand my disgust when I read about the recent changes in the upcoming season. I have just found out the UCONN Huskies have left the Big East conference and will now be competing in the SEC! This all came about when the Big East conference decided to split and UCONN wanted no parts of this division. The powers that be decided instead of taking the helm in the new AAC, they were better suited for the SEC. Of course the SEC welcomed them with open arms as they are the reigning NCAA champs and will bring in a boat load of cash. It’s the takeover move that we as fans have feared for years! How in the world can you justify moving a team that helms from the land of ice and snow and say they will play in the SOUTHeastern Conference? The UT fans are going CRAZY!

I can’t believe these greedy so and sos are putting the “Evil Empire” in our conference! It is an outrage and an insult to Pat Summitt’s legacy. Not only will Geno play against Tennessee on a regular basis, “his evilness” will taint the sacred grounds of TBA, that’s Thompson- Boling Arena to non sports fans. His team will actually spew their darkness on “The Summitt”. Whoever thought this was a good idea must have been drinking!

Several fans have expressed their discord and are threatening to sell their season tickets. Students and fans alike are organizing a boycott of the home game against UCONN and are refusing to allow their bus on campus. The governor may have to deem this a state of emergency and declare Knoxville a disaster area! There will be civil unrest in the streets and expect to have non-violent protests in Summitt Plaza. We MUST protect our house!

****NOTE**** This is clearly a satirical post and to be very clear, this trageshammockery will never take place in the real world.

The Baller of G’Boro


Writing 101: Size Matters
Today, tell us about the home you lived in when you were twelve. For your twist, pay attention to – and vary- your sentence lengths.

The Baller of G’ Boro
(Set to the tune of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)


Now this is a story all about how
My life got flipped turned home renter
And I’d like to take a minute and be real thorough
I’ll tell you how I became a baller in a town called G’Boro

In West Haven project where I was raised
On the hardwood is where I spent most of my days
Skating, bike riding, shootin’ hoops after school
When this girl from Bmore who was up to no good
Started making trouble in my neighborhood.
I got in one little fight and my moms got PO’d
She said we’re moving to a house on Hooks River Road.

I moved in to the Master Suite
Where my mom made me promise to keep it real neat
My big bro James was right next door
He kept me laughing and made me do his chores.
When I wasn’t sleeping in my bed
You could find me in the willow tree where I read

The best thing about this house was I was home
Mom let us have two puppies of our own
In the back yard they stayed in the shed
I came home from school one day and they were dead.

I channeled the pain into playing sports
Bball, softball and all kinds of sorts
I practiced real hard and became a minor star
Mom said, play sports, be a baller that’s who you are.

Coming Out…How Brittney Griner’s Book Lead To My Revelation


in my skin

WNBA Superstar Brittney Griner recently released a tell all book, “In My Skin” about her life growing up as a gay female in a sport’s environment. I read an excerpt online and it just so happens this section was dealing with an incident in high school where she was questioned about her sexuality while waiting for volleyball tryouts. As I read her words of trying to hide who she was and how she was feeling about being questioned, I realized that this felt very familiar.

In high school I was a good athlete and played several sports. Growing up in the 80s if you were very athletic and not very popular, it was assumed that you were gay. I never felt understood in school and people did not make it easy for a shy girl to express herself. If you really knew me, then there was no question that I was very much straight. I have always loved men and had several crushes on different schoolmates. My problem was that I did not know how to express those feelings so I kept them under wraps. In the meantime, people were whispering about my sexuality behind my back. Thankfully, I did not become aware of this until my junior year in college when I ran into one of those former crushes on campus. He was very honest and informed me that he liked me in high school, but thought that I was gay. Imagine my shock!

Getting back to high school, an incident took place that scared me and I reacted in the only way I knew how; with threats of violence. I remember it like it was yesterday. My senior year I was walking to the gym going to basketball practice when I was approached by a girl I had never seen before. She started talking to me and seemed nervous so I smiled and was very nice to her so she would not be uncomfortable. As I entered the locker room to put on my practice uniform, I said goodbye to the girl and didn’t give it another thought. When I entered the gym for practice, I noticed the girl was sitting on the sideline bench watching us. I thought she was interested in playing basketball, but was too scared to try out for the team. I decided to make her feel welcome because I could remember being a freshman and being intimidated by the seniors on the team and I hated the feeling. Every day for a week this girl appeared in the gym during practice and I spoke to her. I thought it strange that she was there daily, but never talked to anyone but me. Then one day she walked up to me in the hall and handed me a note expressing her feelings and asking if we could be together. She had a crush on me! I almost jumped out of my skin! I had no idea how to deal with this. Put yourself in my place for just a minute; I grew up a sheltered church girl in a small southern town. I loved men, but people thought I was gay because I was good at sports. I just couldn’t handle being labeled this way and then a girl hitting on me. My initial reaction was anger! I did not want anyone thinking I was gay and I definitely did not want girls hitting on me! I snapped, I could feel the anger rising and then I saw two of my teammates. I told them what happened and asked them to read the letter to ensure I wasn’t reading it wrong. They confirmed my worst fears so I took it upon myself to approach the girl with my teammates in tow. I shoved the letter in her chest and loudly informed her that I was “NOT GAY” and if I ever saw her again I would beat her a$$ so bad she would wish she was straight. As I was saying the words, I felt bad because her face looked so hurt, but I couldn’t stop or take back what I had said. I tried to block the incident from my mind and I went about my life business as usual. I never saw the girl again and to be honest, I can’t even remember her name.

Now that I am more mature and have lived a little, I realize what I did was one of the worst things I could do. I publicly outed this girl without regard to her feelings and I did not have to live with any of the consequences. As an adult I have several friends and some family members who are gay and I have heard their painful experience on coming out. Reading that passage in Brittney’s book made me go back to that day and I feel awful for this girl. I pray that she was able to overcome what I put her through and I hope that she is living a happy life with a woman who loves her. She did not deserve what I did and I sincerely want to apologize to her. I know I can never make it right and that bothers me. I have no excuse for my behavior and can only say that I was young and dumb and did not understand the magnitude of what I did. If I could do it all over again, I would simply let her know that I was not interested in women during a private conversation. Hopefully someone can learn from my mistake and chose not to belittle someone for showing the affection, even if it is unwanted. I would like to thank Brittney for her honesty and courage to share her story. She will make it easier for people in future generations to express themselves and feel secure in who they are; gay or straight.