Writing 201: Poetry – Elegy – Day 5


My choice may seem unusual for an assignment on fog, but Whitney has been on my spirit all day. Though I loved her music, I was never a huge fan. Of course I followed her life and liked her, but it was never on a Stan level. I can’t explain it, but I needed to hear her voice today so I listened to her on my iPod this morning and then I read the assignment and decided to express this feeling through poetry. 2 for 1:

Today’s assignment is as follows:

Today’s prompt: fog
Today’s form: elegy
Today’s device: metaphor

Missing Nippy

You’re an enigma the more time goes by without you
More questions than answers fog my mind
Your voice tickles my eardrums through technology
Ahh, those melodic memories of Nippy.

25 Days of Christmas Challenge – Day 8 The Preacher’s Wife


preachers wife

The Preacher’s Wife is a remake of the classic movie The Bishop’s Wife staring Cary Grant. We will speak more about that movie later on in the month. This movie stars the beautiful Whitney Houston in the title role and the gorgeous Denzel Washington as Dudley. Need I say more about the visual effects? The supporting cast has Courtney B. Vance as Reverend Henry Biggs and Jennifer Lewis as Julia’s mom, as well as the talented Loretta Devine as the church secretary. The best thing about this movie to me is the music! If you want to hear how love sounds, listen to Whitney sing “I Believe in You and Me”.

Hello everyone my name is Dasia and I am here to tell you my version of The Preacher’s Wife. You see I was there when it was filmed and I saw everything. No one there saw me because I am a dove. That’s right I just hung out in the rafters and watched the whole thing. Here’s the real deal…

The first person I was the beautiful Whitney Houston. When she walked in the room I thought she was playing the angel because she had a glow. Come to find out she was the star of the movie! I couldn’t believe it I was in the room with The Preacher’s Wife. Now once she got on set she was very bossy and in control, a diva in every sense of the word. However once the cameras started rolling she was a true professional. Her voice was like silk and I wished the movie was a musical instead of a real dialog movie.

Once they started shooting it was great. The movie was about a Preacher and his family who have a poor church in a poor neighborhood and they struggle to make ends meet. The church used to be Julia’s, played by Ms. Houston, father’s church. After he passed away Julia’s husband took over; he even used some of the former reverend’s sermons. The movie follows the Biggs family as they try to help everyone in the neighborhood while they grown apart. Reverend Biggs and Julia have a son named Jeremiah whose best friend Hakeem needs a home and he wants him to be his new brother. With all of this pressure, the preacher is overwhelmed and asks God for help. Enter Dudley an angel sent from heaven to assist the family.

Dudley ends up falling in love for Julia and she entertains it for a minute because she is feeling neglected, but her mom puts things in perspective. One of the funniest moments in the movie takes place in a nightclub where Dudley is trying to dance with Julia. It’s not his best moment, but he pulls it together does his job, and saves the day. At the end he even brings little Hakeem to live with the family. And they lived happily ever after.