Melanade – Solange



Welcome to another edition of Melanade, where we feature women of color who are doing great things! This month we are featuring the artistic genius

Solange Knowles!

solange_coverSinger, songwriter, mother, actress and fashion icon… all of these describe the artist known as Solange Knowles. When your name means “Angel of the sun” you are destined for greatness. This woman has a very eclectic mind that is able to translate the weary ways of the world into a beautiful tapestry of melodies and words. Quickly becoming a voice of her generation, Solo had taken her talent to new heights with her latest project “A Seat at the Table”. She won a Grammy for Best R&B Performance for “Cranes in the Sky” from the same album.

It can’t be easy carving out your own niche in the music industry when your big sis is slaying, but Solange makes it look easy. It reminds me of Janet breaking into her own star, being the little sis of the King of Pop. And just like Janet, Solange’s talent in undeniable and cannot be contained.

For a 30 year old, Solange has accomplished many goals that people twice her age have yet to do. Becoming a mother as a teen, she started her responsible years early, but she has handled her life amazingly.  Not only does she write the amazing songs on her own albums, she is an accomplished writer for other artists as well. According to an interview with, she has written quite a few songs with Mariah Carey in mind and would love to have her sing her creations.


She’s had an undeniable influence on our culture from fashion, to being a proud black woman dawning her natural hair, and artistic movement.  Don’t believe me? Listen to what intellectual Kimberly Foster has to say about her.

If you are not up on Solange, I urge you to get to know her. You’ll thank me later.





5 Things Solange’s Wedding Taught Us – NaBloPoMo #19



This past weekend Solange Knowles taught all of us a thing or two about wedding planning and how to shine on your special day. I have been a fan of hers for years because she has always exuded an eclectic spirit and seemed very happy with herself. Her wedding day was no exception. Solange said I do to the man she loves and has dated for several years without everyone being all in her business. Happily she shared her day with the world without being ostentatious. She allowed her happiness to spill over to the streets of New Orleans and though there were no pictures of the ceremony itself, several beautiful museum worthy portraits of the happy couple and their guests have emerged online. Here’s what we all should take away from her happy day:

1) Wedding Rules Are Meant to be Broken – After thousands of years of traditional weddings, finally Solange shows us it is OK to break some rules and be free. Girls all over the US are looking at her pictures and saying WOW, look at Solo! Here’s what we know:

• She was not dressed in the traditional white gown and veil; she had a fierce cream jumpsuit with a cape that was so stylish, Olivia Pope was jealous.
• There was NO limo ride to the church; instead she and her betrothed rode sweetly decorated bicycles to the chapel.
• She was not surrounded by a gaggle of bridesmaids in identical, brightly colored dresses. Everyone was in white including the guests.
• She even eliminated the wedding march according to reports and instead had a fellow musician sing
• The ceremony spilled onto the street where the bride and groom were surrounded by lighted sparklers.

2) Be Yourself – If you learn nothing else from this post, I beg of you, learn this. Solange is not afraid to be herself! She has her own style, has her own identity, likes eclectic music and wears her hair natural. On her wedding day she did not conform to society’s expectations, but showed the world you can be a stunning bride wearing an afro, cream colored jumpsuit and dancing in the streets. As long as you are authentic, you will be beautiful.

3) Creativity is Golden – Solange showed everyone how to step outside of the box when it came to her celebration. She chose to recreate poses from Italian artist Vanessa Beecroft’s previous work for her wedding portraits. Trust me; nobody was ready for those shots. They were out of this world!

4) Love is Still a Beautiful Thing – Lately there has been this facade in the American community that marriage is old fashioned and falling in love is for suckers. I have read countless articles saying single women are not looking for love and that may be true, but when you find LOVE it’s a beautiful thing. Solange and her new husband, Alan Ferguson have shown us that you can still fall in love and it is not only great, but fun! They looked so happy in their pictures riding to the wedding and the way he looked at her on the balcony makes the coldest of hearts melt!

5) Dance Like Everyone is Watching – There was video of the ecstatic bride dancing with her new husband in the streets of New Orleans like she was the happiest woman on earth. Not to mention the video that emerged of Solo dancing with her 10 year old son, from a previous marriage, at the reception. It was one of the most adorable wedding dances I have seen and once again Mrs. Ferguson was having a ball.

I’m sure after this wedding; there will be a slew of copycat brides all over the US trying to replicate Solange’s look, style and wedding activities. They will try as hard as they can, but they will not be able to recreate this lovely ceremony. Here’s a tip ladies read this blog and pay close attention to #2! Have a wedding that celebrates you and your fiance because you can’t be Solange no matter how bad you may want to be; not even for a day.