Something New – “Endings and Beginnings,” by Colleen Chesebro


Try Something New Today!

Today is the final day for my Guest Blog Series of Something New! My good sis, Colleen Chesebro of Silver Threading Blog wraps it up for us.

New Beginnings

I would like to thank my friend Lisa, for inviting me to her fabulous blog and for inviting me to write about one of my favorite subjects – new beginnings.

When I was a child and mid-August rolled around, I remember fondly the anticipation I felt at the beginning of each school year. I loved my new pens and notebooks, folders, and theme paper. I diligently cut up brown paper grocery bags and wrapped the covers of my school books, as was the custom required by the Milwaukee Public School system at the time. Excitement was in the air and I knew that year would be the best yet!

In fact, I have always loved new beginnings. There is something fresh and exciting about starting all over again. It feltlike a spiritual awakening to me and an excitement would rise deep within my soul, and that in turn fueled my imagination to new heights. At the first hint of a new beginning, my mind would expand and grow in anticipation waiting for the next new experience to begin. Fear of the unknown never held me back. I would forge ahead, learning and adapting as I moved forward.

One day it occurred to me that my love of new beginnings always signified a great change in myself and my hope grew at the possible outcomes. The idea that something desirable could occur to me as the direct result of changes beyond my control fascinated me. Of course, not all of those changes gave me the desired effect I was after. Life never gives you all that you want, but it does give you what you need.

So, it was not much of a stretch for me to figure out that I loved‘change.’  I thrived on new beginnings because they afforded me the opportunity to let go of things that did not work for me. Everything felt clean and fresh. Change let me become a better person.

Just like the excitement I felt as a child getting ready for each new school year, I found myself embracing the act of packing up and moving around the country. It was exhilarating and scary all in the same breath. These moves always meant challenges and hard work. Thank goodness I was lucky enough to have married a man that was exactly the same way!

Are they mad, you might ask? Who in their right mind would want to move around the country like that? The last time we checked, we were not certifiable, yet!My beloved brother-in-law has started calling us gypsies! Actually, my husband and I are alright with that description as we did live that lifestyle for many years.

The years we spent in the military were amazing. We traveled the world and lived in different countries. We loved meeting new people and learning new languages. It was not a reach for us then, in retirement, to travel around the United States and live in different locations. California, Utah, Montana, Arizona, Florida, to … Colorado!

Here we are, getting ready to travel again. This time we are moving to the mountains. Sadly, we have promised each other that this must be the last time. The last great move. The end. We need to settle down and put down some roots. We need to live somewhere that our kids and grand kids can find us and come and visit. Our traveling days are over!

Even though this is an ending, it still feels like a new beginning. Anticipating the energy I will need to accomplish this last great move, I can still feel the excitement mounting as I sit here typing these words. You know what? I can’t wait for the adventure to begin.

New Endings

Bio: Colleen 10.21.14

Colleen M. Chesebro is a writer of cross-genre fiction, poetry, and imaginative nonfiction. Her first fantasy novel is currently under production and called, “The Swamp Fairy.” The book tells the story of Abby Forrester, a 14-year-old orphaned girl who manages to save a community of fairies from certain destruction. Along the way, Abby learns about friendship, love, and what it means to really belong in a family.  Colleen lives in the United States with her husband, Ron and her two Pomeranians, Sugar and Spice. You can learn more about Colleen and her creative stories on her website:

Something New – It’s Always New! by Erika Kind


Try Something New Today!

First of all my heartfelt thank you to my dear friend, Lisa. We follow each other for quite a while and I always love her uplifting and cheerful spirit. When she asked me to write a guest post for her blog I was not only happy to be asked in general but by her in particular. Thank you, Lisa, I appreciate this a lot!

Lisa left the subject completely open. It only had to be about something new. I accepted right away but when I came to the point of what to write I got stuck for a moment. Something new? I wanted to stick with my purpose of blogging about love, happiness, liberation, living our dreams, breaking out of our home made prisons… But these subjects are not new! We all know about this deep inside. What I write about in my posts or in my books is anything but new. Perhaps the way I say it is new for others but the subject is as old as the creation of the first soul.

But then I realized that new is not something we experience in general. It is something every single person experiences in their lives again, and again, and again. Every day we encounter someone or something new. Every day is another step further in our lives. Every step is a new step on the stairway of our life’s path. Every day is new since no day is like another one. We are new today and we will be even “newer” tomorrow.

New is something very subjective. Even if we think that we already know how things feel with our current development, we discover the same things completely new later in life. For everybody who has children or works with children: Spending time with a child and seeing the world through its eyes, how it discovers this unknown place, and what it finds stunning makes us realize the big mystery in things we thought we already knew. I remember when I took walks with my daughter when she was little. She stopped at every stone or she could watch an ant forever. A snowflake was a miracle and walking through heaps of dried leaves was the most wonderful sound.

But what about feelings? When we are here on the planet for 20 years we think we already know a lot about happiness, disappointments, hurt, love. When we are 30 we think we know it all! And when we turn 40 we realize that we know it even better. We discover everything every day a little bit more. And whatever we seem to know today might be only the preparation for the next step we take tomorrow towards a new level of awareness and insight.

New is not a single experience, new is what we live every day. And the more aware of that we become the more new depths we will discover around us and within ourselves. The beauty in life is that there is no final. We have the chance every day to see something new in it because it holds unlimited possibilities. We have the chance to start over new and to go into a new direction. And even if we believe that life has nothing new in store of us, life goes on and teaches us that it does. When we expect it the least, the most wonderful things can simple fall into place. When we resign and stop clinking to a closed door we automatically turn around. We might be blinded by the light that shines through the new door that had already opened only waiting for us to be seen. The darkness was caused by ourselves because the light came from behind of us.

  • Life is continuous progress even when we are not aware of it. The things we seem to experience again are not the same things anymore because we are not the same person anymore we were yesterday.
  • Life is continuous development. Even when we try to avoid it we cannot keep life from developing and we are forced to follow which makes us also develop. When we realize this we might be less resistant to life’s flow because we understand that it is meant for us to unfold ourselves. It costs less energy to go with the flow than to fight something which is not possible to stop anyway. And the insight is much deeper when you go through life with an open heart and cherish all it brings as a gift and support for your own growth.
  • Life is continuous renewal. We are here on this planet because we wanted it. We wanted to forget who we are in order to discover the beauty, the wisdom, the power, and our creative potential again in order to unfold glorious in its abundance. That means we are living within an inexhaustible source of possibilities to create and expand our lives every day new. Yesterday was the springboard for today. Today we stand on a new platform and lay the basics for tomorrow. And tomorrow we harvest and sow new seeds.

Wherever you are today in your life you are exactly where you are supposed to be. You have come a long way. Sometimes we have to go through rough new experiences in order to get prepared for the following most wonderful new unfolding. But it is always new and it is always progress. New can be confusing in the positive as in the negative way. Because we don’t have any experience. But it is necessary in order to develop towards the goals we set ourselves before we arrived on this planet. It is your personal path and every step is a new paragraph you write in your book of life.

In Love and Light!


lecture VaduzErika Kind was born in Vienna but grew up in another part of Austria and in the Principality of Liechtenstein (within the Swiss Alps) where I still live. I am a mother of three almost grown up kids and I am running a Practice for Aromatherapy and Self-Development. I am a professional singer and started to produce my own songs 4 years ago. All of them are published on my blog under “My Songs”. I am a published author of 4 books. The English and extended version of my book I’m Free – Awareness of Who You Are by Discovering Who You Are Not!brought me to WordPress. I am happy and grateful that I am given the opportunity to share the insights of my life’s journey from self-doubt and fear to living my dreams. My intention is to spread light and inspire as many people as possible to let their own light shine brightly. Check out her blog here:

Something New – Jocelyn Deloney aka Nosey Josie


I would like to say that I am remarkable…that I am talented, beautiful, giving, supportive…one of a kind. I would like to say that my life has purpose that extends beyond the naked eye; that my life has not been in vain. If nothing else, I have given my all to show someone what it means to be loved. If this doesn’t make me beautiful, what does?

For the longest time, my biggest critic in life has been myself. I have entertained every negative thought tossed my way, while nonchalantly dismissing any thoughts of positivity. What a challenge it has been to love myself while only allowing myself to see the bad.


Even when dating, I found myself suspicious of anyone that pointed out all of the things that they loved about me. They must have been up to something. They had to go!

But one day I decided to try something new. I decided to give myself some of that love which I so freely distributed to others. I decided to give myself some of that patience which I so freely distributed to others. I decided to give myself the same benefit of the doubt which I gave to others.

self3I began to accept compliments, and I let them marinate. I started to caress those awkwardly placed curves on my body. I allowed myself to laugh at my horrific laugh. I stopped punishing myself for being emotional. I gave myself permission to cry over silly things, and then smiled at my adorable self afterwards :). I became my
friend…my ally. And I found myself loving this quirky girl inside of me. I was definitely
qualified to be loved.

I would like to say that I am remarkable…that I am talented, beautiful, giving, supportive…one of a kind. I would like to say that my life has purpose that extends beyond the naked eye; that my life has not been in vain. I have given my all to show someone what it means to be loved. I would like to say that this makes me beautiful.

so I will.


Bio: Josie

Jocelyn ‘NosieJosie’ Deloney is a writer on the search to learn more about her own self as well as others. Her biggest passion is and has always been seeking out conversations and experiences that challenge her way of thinking. She is a strong believer in the power of sharing our experiences with each other and being open to new ideas and theories. You can join in her on her journey by checking out her blog Mind JO Business here:

Something New – Tinzley Bradford


Try Something New Today!

What is the definition of something new? What if someone told you that you need to try something new? Something new could mean a fierce new hairstyle, finally wearing a dress after years of just jeans and pants or something new could mean going to a rock and roll concert if you’ve never been to one or even listening to a different type of music. Is trying something new harmless or hurtful? I guess it all depends right?? This is why you must know who you are when trying something new.

Something new could mean robbing a bank for the first time ever, or trying the latest drug out there knowing you’ve never smoked a day in your life. Something new could mean selling your body for money or selling drugs for money. What about stealing a car? That’s something new right?

Something new could make you laugh but it could also make you very sad. Something new could bring out the best in you but it could also bring out the worst in you. Something new could open up a world of possibilities but it could also close the doors of having a good future. How risky is trying something new?

If you don’t try something new they won’t like you because you’re considered too lame but if you do try something new then they still won’t like you because you’re stepping out and trying something that could take you to that next level in your life leaving all the naysayers behind. How deep is your something new? Something new could leave you strung out on drugs or it could put you at the top of the charts in Bill Boards. What something new will you try?

In today’s world where it’s easy and I mean easy to want to belong, to get distracted, to feel socially awkward, to lose focus, to want to fit in with what everyone else is doing, to feel so alone that you’ll do just about anything for attention,to settle for any old treatment all in the favor of trying something new I must ask you is it worth it? Was it worth it?  It all depends on your choices and what’s most important to you. How willing are you to risk everything you’ve worked for, accomplished and are striving for just to try something new?

For me I’ll just try #Periscope for the first time. That’s something new right? What is YOUR something new? #Settlefree

Bio: Â© Tinzley Bradford used with permission

Tinzley Bradford was born in Atlanta, Georgia. She’s a single mom who knows all about single parenting while dating. For years through her dating blog, “And You Wanna See My Feet” and her tell-it-like-it-is YouTube videos, she has helped single moms and single women get their love lives together. The advice maven and relationship coach has also been seen giving single mom dating advice on “Dr. Drew’s on Call” TV show on HLN, The Single in Stilettos Show with Match Maker and Dating Coach Suzanne Oshima and her local media 11 Alive News in Atl and has been featured in a slew of articles such as Mommy Noire interviewed by Top Relationship Coach Abiola Abrams, Single in, Thoughtful Minds United and a ton of other blog post appearances. Tinzley is known for her no nonsense advice for single women and strongly believes refusing to settle for any old treatment is the key to living a settle-free life and not tolerating any behavior that is not healthy for you.

Check out Tinzley’s Blog on her website:

Something New – A First for All of Us! by Kevin Cooper


Try Something New Today!

We took our cat, Aragorn to the pet groomers today. He’s three years old now and we’ve had him almost as long. He’s a beautiful long-haired gray and I’m always combing and brushing his fur. Problem is it just seems to get longer and longer.

DSC00659He loves to go under the fern and always comes back with little green burs caught in his fur… it can be quite a job getting them all out. But I ran into a problem when his fur started to get matted underneath, his belly, between his legs and at the back. Aragorn would not let me brush there let alone use the comb to try and untangle his fur.

There was nothing for it, I had to call a pet groomer and get him sorted. The appointment was made and we took Aragorn to Shiny Pets. They were very understanding to our dilemma and explained that he would have to be shaved underneath. I asked about the excess fur under his chin which he always gets into his food and his mouth. They told us they would give him a shower and take care of the rest. So we left him with them and were told he’d be ready in about three hours.

It was three hours of worry for me… he’d never been to a groomers before, they were going to shower and shave him and I knew this was going to be such a stressful situation for him. I kept saying to Pat, “He’s going to be so stressed out, and mad at us… he’ll probably run upstairs and hide when we get him home.

I could never have been further from the truth… When we picked him up he was so happy to see me. I figured, (yea, wants to get the hell out of here!) They told me he had been very active! (no surprise there!) They had trimmed his claws, showered him, shaved his belly, trimmed back all his fur… I can see his whiskers and eye-lashes now… didn’t realize they were so long! He looks GORGEOUS!

Once back home he fell right into his old routine as if nothing had happened… and there I was fretting myself to death… go figure! I guess it was a first for all of us! At least now when he goes out, he doesn’t come back matted and full of little green burs!


Kevin Cooper lives in Hull, England with his wife Pat. As an author, he is best known for his British Drama: Miedo: Living Beyond Childhood Fear. He founded,Kev’s Great Indie Authors, his blog which promotes indie authors worldwide through interviews, guest posts, book blurbs, reviews, and even an author of the month feature. Kevin studied in America and obtained his M.Ed with a focus in English Writing and Literature, before becoming an author he worked in a variety of professions that included being a private tutor, a teacher, a lecturer, and management.

Check out Kev’s blogs here:

Author, Kevin Cooper  Great Indie Authors  Miedo: Living Beyond Childhood Fear

Something New – Rebounding by Audrey Prim


Try Something New Today!

Rebounding, it’s not just for basketball games. It was a form of moving forward for me in my younger days. I never took the time out to regroup and gain focus for myself, and I was replacing instead of reflecting. And honestly, it led to a lot of cycles of the same cycles. My mom says that my nurturing nature finds me in relationships of unbalance; I use to think she was just being a mom, not believing anyone was going to be good enough for her children. But, when I was recently faced with the difficult decision of continuing dancing in life with unequal matches versus taking my turn at giving it my all as a star, I decided to give the best performance of my life to myself. Pour all that I am and hope to be into my daily steps. Take my energy and replenish myself. It’s different, it’s scary, and it’s exciting…it’s going to take a lot of patience; it’s something new for me.

Audrey Prim

Hey Girl Hey!!!


Bio:audrey prim

I am an artistic person who feels passionately about damn near everything I do, say, think and feel. I love love. I love how it makes you forget all negative things and people, so I strive to live in love daily….something I have learned from my mom. My family is one of the founding cornerstones of who I am today, they never told me to sit down and not be heard, that’s why I believe in what I have to say. My life is not a picture of perfection, it is however a picture of me, where God brought me from and where I am today.

“Forever is a long way away, no need in chasing what’s coming.” -Audrey Prim

Check out her blog here:

Something New: Embracing Change – Yecheilyah Ysrayl


Try Something New Today!

Primarily, I would like to thank Lisa for giving me the keys to the house. It’s nice and cozy in here and you all look great! While I tend to be long winded, I have been given a copy of the house rules, so I’ll be brief.

Lisa asked me to write about newness today and I choose change.

We live in a world that celebrates routine and ritual, so it’s not always easy to embrace change. It is something that happens so frequently in our lives and yet remains something new; moving in and out of our day with the same glide as oil to a pan. Starting with a puddle and then auctioning pieces of itself off into different directions. But this is not easy for us to do; to forgo tradition for a road less traveled by. To be reborn in a way that blows our minds and challenges us to become different. To think and to act in a way that is new; to adapt to a foreign idea or practice. But today, I challenge you to change your routine for the sake of incorporating a new experience into your daily lives. While Change can be difficult, it comes with a kind of strength that can only be experienced to define, and has the potential to open us up to endless possibilities, causing our minds to stretch beyond limit. Embracing change in short, frees us from the captivity of routine, and the stagnancy of ritual.

– EC

Author Yecheilyah Ysrayl used with permission

Author Yecheilyah Ysrayl used with permission

“Yecheilyah Ysrayl (or “EC”) is an author, blogger, and Spoken Word Artist. She spent a portion of her childhood in the Robert Taylor Projects located in the Bronzeville neighborhood on State Street between Pershing Road (39th Street) and 54th Street alongside the Dan-Ryan expressway.

In 2010, she published her first book of poetry, and in 2012 she published a second book of poetry, From when I was a Black Girl which became a quarterly book of study at the Evergreen State College in Tacoma, WA.

Two years later (’14), she went on to publish the first book in a screenplay series, Pearls Before Swine, which became the inspiration behind her blog, Pearls Before Swine.

EC is currently working on Book #3 in the Stella Short Story Trilogy.”

Something New w/ Twyla Turner


Try Something New Today!

‘Something New’ is a two word combination that I live by. I love trying new things, which is how I’ve had some of the best experiences of my life.And when looking back at the life I’ve lived thus far,I realize just how blessed I am to have an open-mind and an open heart to new and amazing things.

Joined Races

So what have I done that has opened myself up to something new? Let’s start with…MEN. I love men! And when it comes to dating, I’ve dated the rainbow. Even one of the oldest. most obscure races in the world, Assyrian.

MEDITERRANEANAnd that man opened my taste buds to Mediterranean foods, and I haven’t looked back since. If nothing else, he helped me to develop my personal love affair with feta cheese. Hummus too! Which then piqued my palate’s curiosity for new and delicious flavors. Different beers, sushi, Vietnamese food etc.
I’m also open to many new sexual experiences, as well. I love to bdsm_collageexplore human sexuality. Mine in particular. And my studies have been mighty delightful. I feel like there’s nothing more fun or eye-opening in a relationship, than trying new things with your partner.And there are so many more experiences I’m waiting to discover (pictured above…Ha!).

blended_collageThen there are my friends. I love being around people of different backgrounds, ethnicities, sexual orientation, etc. The best way to learn more about this world and to better understand things that aren’t familiar to you, is to be open to ALL types of people. And when you do, you also show them your world as well, teaching them about your culture and experiences. In fact, I sat down with a man who admitted to being a bigot and a racist. In his home, drinking beers together. And during our talks, I saw his opinions shift. Often times, racism and bigotry is due to lack of knowledge. It’s not my job to educate the world, but if I can make a difference one person at a time, then all the better.

mark twain quote2

Travel is another word for something new. I love to travel. And not just any traveling. I also like to actually live in the places I travel to. blended2_collageBasically, I’m a nomad. My dream is to spend about three plus years traveling the world, before I decide where I’d like to rest my head for the rest of my days. I adore experiencing other cultures. You learn so much about them and yourself as you travel. I can’t wait to add more stamps to my passport.

Author Twyla Turner

Author Twyla Turner

Last, when it comes to my career, my eclectic nature and thirst for trying new things has brought variety to my writing. I don’t know if I’ll ever write sci-fi, but so far I’ve tried my hand at; erotica/romance, paranormal, suspense, dark themes, and historical (in my book coming soon). In the future I have plans to try out historical/time travel, as well as children’s books/YA (under a pen name of course). I always want to keep my readers on their toes. I want them to say, “I wonder what Twyla is gonna write next.” Because in my quest to write something new, my readers may end up experiencing something new. My goal…to slowly open up the mind and heart, one reader at a time.

Find more about Twyla and her amazing books here:

The Gravity of Something New


The Gravity of Something New

Reserved is my nature
Nurture my nature and pet my tales
of life on the line in creating and levity.
A word stained with the trepidation it brings to me and stubbornness it exudes within.

Social and Nice, are never words readily used to describe me by people who don’t know me beforehand, but since I’ve started performing, I realize after much prodding by the little dragons on either shoulder that those two words are NECESSARY.
Ergo, my something new, is a matter of personality, and since I’ve started blogging again, I’ve interacted with some of the nicest people on the web and it’s rubbing off for sure! Lol.

Thanks Lisa for this guest posting opportunity, you’re a GEM!

Here’s how this trial and error of mine played out:

I aim to smile more – light up world with lips curved upwards: grin.
I compliment efforts – pat shoulders, hip hip hoorays: well done.
I engage – keep in contact, send and reply to messages: effective.
I reflect – sulk and sigh, think it through: metacognition.

Life and its rigors can easily get you down
flattened like pancakes with a thin batter, but,
it’s up to you the batter to get the ball swung out and going
up to you to change your perspective to something new
for only you can choose the best over the better,
choose to smile and not frown
laugh and not cry
choose to write and not keep things welled up inside.
There is something eclectic about the unknown,
the freedom, fear and joy it holds,
something pure about change, difference, awakenings
something new, but more like you, real and true.

Nurture my nature, but my nature shall change, evolve and become the pinnacle of something great.

Try Something New Today!


Bio – 

©Gervanna Stephens used with permission

©Gervanna Stephens used with permission

Gervanna ‘Gravity’ Stephens is a writer, poet, educator and motivator.  She’s currently a performing poet in Jamaica and takes photographs in her spare time.  A “silent river runs deep” kind of persona, who appreciates all things creative and aims to allow people to see beyond their own two feet, to the bigger picture that is Life. You can check out her blog Gripping Black here –

Something New Series


Try Something New Today!

Today starts my Guest Blog feature for August called “Something New”. I asked several of my fellow bloggers to write a post on the topic of Something New and they responded with some great stuff that you don’t want to miss! Each day from now until the end of the month, there will be a new blogger featured. Here is the line up:

Monday 8/24 – The Gravity of Something New (Gervanna Stephens)

Tuesday 8/25 – Something New (Twyla Turner)
Wednesday 8/26 – Embracing Change (Yecheilyah Ysrayl)
Thursday 8/27 – Rebounding with Myself (Audrey Prim)
Friday 8/28 – A First Time (Kevin Cooper)
Saturday 8/29 – Something New (Jocelyn Deloney)
Sunday 8/30 – It’s Always New (Erika Kind)
Monday 8/31 – Endings and Beginnings (Colleen Chesebro)