Motivational Monday – New Blog Feature!



Hello Lovies,

Today I am starting a brand new feature on @rebirthoflisa dedicated to helping you feel better on Mondays. The feature is aptly named “Motivational Monday”. I will post affirmations to help motivate you to keep going and have a positive outlook. I hope you will enjoy this feature. Please leave me a comment  with your thoughts and/or feedback.


Book Cover Reveal!



Come one, Come all to my official book cover reveal! Tomorrow at 10:00 am EST, I will be revealing the book cover for my debut novel “The Mistreatment of Zora Langston”. Last week I gave you all a Sneak Peek” of the cover, but tomorrow you will get to meet Zora herself.

While you’re waiting, feel free to stop by my new author website and read an excerpt from chapter one. I would appreciate any feedback you have to offer and I hope you enjoy! Until tomorrow….

coming soon


Sick Days



To all of my loyal followers,

I apologize for not being on point with my posts this past week. There is no excuse, however I was ill and only able to post a few times this week. I will catch up on the 25 Days of Christmas posts as quickly as possible,as it takes a while to watch each movie and then write the post. I should be up to date no later than Tuesday! Again, my apologies, but I am feeling much better now.(knock on wood)

Thanks for your patience,