Love Poems Challenge Wk 3 – Reunited Souls



The day you walked into my store
Was a day I can’t forget
You see…
I knew we knew each other;
We were as familiar as you can get.

Your shy smile and adorable face
Told me God had sent you to me
And by His grace…
We found each other once again.

Our souls recognized each other
You see we… Knew one another in the past Long before that day in another place and time,
But somehow we did not last…
But God sent you back to me.

When we spoke you finished my sentences
And I finished yours
You see we…
Vibed off of each other’s spirit
I knew you to the core.

I disregarded your mild stutter and
Did not see the color of your skin.
SO I defied my upbringing and
Decided to let you in.

Your soul spoke to mine
In a language I have never known
Yet it…
Sounded so familiar that
My soul responded in its own tone.

Time and space may have separated us
But the yearning was too strong
For me to…
Live another lifetime without you
Because with you is where I belong.

So I look into your eyes
That change from blue to green with flecks of brown
And I…
Was told they only do that when I am around
So you only have eyes for me!
When you kiss me, my heart
Hemorrhages a love song
And I….
Know how grateful I am
That you came along.

I know one day we’ll
Have to say goodbye
And I…
Know it will hurt like hell
When one of us dies.
But know we will find each other next lifetime!

© 2015 Lisa W. Tetting


25 Days of Christmas – Day 25 (Christmas Day) A Nightmare Before Christmas



The Nightmare before Christmas is an odd ball animated tale by Tim Burton. It is a love story trapped inside a dark haunted tale of Jack the Pumpkin King who has grown tired of only celebrating Halloween. He has the not so brilliant idea to kidnap The Sandy Claws and take his place delivering toys to all the boys and girls of the world. What Jack doesn’t realize yet is that everyone has their own role to play in life and even though you may get weary, you can only be you.

In the middle of all of this turmoil is Sally, a beauty who is in love with Jack. She tries to warn him what a mistake he is making, but like the typical male he must learn his lesson the hard way. He hires some hooligans to do his dirty work, but of course they betray him and involve Oogie Boogie in the plans. Jack has is all set in his mind; he gathers the people together and each has a task to complete such as making a sleigh out of a coffin or designing ghostly reindeer made only of bones. He takes to the skies on Christmas Eve delivering toys to the children, but there’s a catch he is in the mindset of Halloween so everything he does is scary. The toys he leaves behind start attacking the families and the military is brought in to restore order.

At first Jack thinks the booms he hears are fireworks and the people are celebrating him, but he soon realizes they are trying to shoot him out of the sky. The military is successful in shooting him down. Meanwhile back in Halloween town, Sally attempts to help The Sandy Claws escape the lairs of Oogie Boogie, but is caught in the act. Jack makes it there in the nick of time to save the day. Sandy Claws returns to the world and saves Christmas!


With Sally’s help Jack realizes he was wrong and that he must be himself in order to be happy. Jack and Sally declare their love for each other. They are Simply Meant to Be!


25 Days of Christmas – Day 24(Christmas Eve) A Christmas Story


christmas story

This is a classic movie that should be watched every Christmas Eve. Ralphie is a typical 9 year old boy growing up in 1940s Indiana. He has one wish and one wish only for Christmas; that is to get a Red Ryder Range shot 200 BB gun. He drops hints for his parents, flat out asks his mom and stands in a ridiculously long line to ask Santa for it. All of his requests were met with one response; you’ll shoot your eye out!

Ralphie daydreams about this BB gun and seems to think of nothing else. He even writes a report for school about it. He has a group of friends that he pals around with and they get into the normal trouble little boys that little boy do. They also are the victims of a school bully who likes to trap them in an alley on the way home from school. One day Ralphie has enough and stands up for himself.

christmas story quotes

This story has several twist and turns and hilarious scenes that are must sees. Some of my favorites are when Ralphie’s dad comes home reeling about winning a contest at work. When it finally arrives in a crate marked FRAGILE, the dad says look it’s marked Fra-gi-le, it must be Italian. Another favorite is when Ralphie and his friend triple dog dare another friend to stick his tongue on a frozen pole at recess. The boy’s tongue is stuck of course and the teacher calls the fire department and the police for assistance. My absolute favorite is when he opens a present from Aunt Clara of Pink Bunny Pajamas with the feet in. His mother makes him try on the pajamas and when he comes downstairs his father says He looks like a deranged Easter Bunny…. A Pink Nightmare!

This is a lighthearted look at Christmas through the eyes of a child who still believes in Santa Claus. It is a great family classic. The real question is Does Ralphie get what he wants for Christmas? I’ll spoil it for you; YES and he almost shoots his eye out!


25 Days of Christmas – Day 23 This Christmas


this christmas

This Christmas is a charming holiday movie about a large family coming together to celebrate the holiday. It is the typical feel good movie and may resemble your own family celebrations. That is if your mom is living with Joe who is a deacon in the church, but is pretending that he doesn’t live there because she doesn’t want her older children to be upset. Joe has been in their lives for several years and acts as a father figure for the family. She has abandonment issues because her husband left her years ago to peruse a music career. Because of this she forbids her younger children from having a career in music. She tried this with her oldest son, but it just pushed him further in the music scene.

You have an older brother, Quentin who hasn’t been home in over 4 years because he is a busy musician, just like his father. Quentin has a huge problem with Joe and his mom being close because he is still holding out for his father to come home. He also has a gambling problem and is in to a bookie for 25 grand. He is coming home to try and avoid the bookie breaking his legs because he has no money. Unfortunately his luck runs out as his sister unknowingly leads the thugs to their mother’s house on Christmas Eve.

Next there’s Kelli, the sister who is married to her career, but is open to finding love. She gets busted by her mom with her BOB (Battery Operated Boyfriend) while trying to be discreet. She eventually finds her very own Santa Claus who is more than happy to make her Christmas wish come true – no batteries needed.

You have another sister named Lisa who is married to an arrogant a-hole and has two kids. Lisa helps run the family business with their mom, but her cheating husband has convinced her to go behind her mother’s back and get the rest of the kids to sell the business. Lisa is aware of her husband’s infidelity, but has chosen to ignore it until her sister Kelli talks some sense into her. She has one of the best breakups in the history of Christmas movies.

Middle brother Claude is in the USMC and is home for the holidays despite his Sergeant denying his pass. He has a slew of surprises for the family including being AWOL and a new wife who no one knows about. His wife has a surprise of her own… She’s pregnant. Claude gets in trouble at a night club because some guys disrespected his wife and gets arrested. Joe calls in a favor to keep him from being locked up.

Next we have little sister Mel who has been away in college. She brings her boyfriend home to meet the family. She is a spoiled young lady and really has very little plot in the movie.

Finally we have Baby, the youngest son in the family. He is still in high school and wants more than anything to sing. He has hidden his talent from his family because of his mom’s issues with music. He is very talented and eventually is found out by his brothers and sisters. Joe helps him to share his news with his mom during Christmas Service at church.

There is a feel good happy ending to this movie and everyone lives happily ever after!


25 Days of Christmas – Day 22 Elf



Elf is the story of Buddy, an overly exuberant man played by Will Ferrell, who thinks he is one of Santa’s elves. He was adopted by Papa Elf as a baby and raised as one of their own, but in true human form is super sized compared to all of the other elves. Buddy is super duper happy and smiling is his favorite! He gets excited at the thought of seeing Santa.

When Buddy grows up Papa Elf breaks the news that he was adopted and is actually a human, not an elf. Buddy decides he must journey to New York to find he real dad who turns out to be a rich business man with his own family. Upon his arrival in the Big Apple, Buddy goes into a department store wearing his elf suit, which is normal for him and he is mistaken as an employee.


Through a series of adventures and lots of silliness, Buddy end up finding his real dad and lives with the family for a while. The family is quite surprised to find that Buddy has a very unusual diet that consists of sugar, candy canes, candy corn, oh and plenty of maple syrup! He eats it on everything.

He meets a girl at work and instantly becomes smitten. She likes him as well and they begin to hang out forming a bond. Buddy has a few rude awakenings at work that cause him to get into a little trouble with the law. He discovers the Santa he was so excited to see is actually an impostor sitting on a throne of lies! Buddy exposes the fake Santa which causes a brawl in front of the kids. This gets him arrested and his real dad has to bail him out.

Buddy bonds with his step brother, Michael and finds his dad is a work-a-holic who puts his career before the family. He gets a job in the mail room at his dad’s company to get closer to him. Eventually they bond and Buddy ends up saving Christmas for everyone.


When you watch this movie be sure to be in a silly mood or it will annoy the pants off of you. Will Ferrell’s over the top antics are great if you’re feeling groovy, but if you are the slightest bit down it will make you curse, scream and throw your remote control through the wall. Happy watching!


25 Days of Christmas – Day 21 Miracle on 34th Street


This is one of the most loved and well known Christmas stories around. Instead of giving a review, I decided to write a little poem:


A miracle, a miracle
I need a Christmas miracle
Nobody believes me when I say
I am Kris Kringle so make way…

They locked me up & think I’m loco
Adults are jaded and don’t believe in me anymore
The kids still believe and come to my rescue
When Doris tries to put me in Bellevue…

They poke, prod and get into my head
I’d be locked up now if it wasn’t for Fred
Now Dasher, Dancer, Doner and Blitzen
You’d better hurry before I come up missin

I should have never trusted a store like Macy’s
I got popular and they try to 86 me
I got sprung just in time to save the day
The judge said no one better stand in my way…

Do you believe you are Santa
Was the question at hand
Of course I answered
I’m your man!


25 Days of Christmas – Day 20 The Perfect Holiday


perfect holiday

The Perfect Holiday is a Romantic tale of a divorcee Nancy, played by Gabrielle Union, who is looking for love again. She has three children and an ex husband J-Jizzy who is a ratchet rapper, brilliantly played by Charlie Murphy. She lives a lavish lifestyle thanks to her ex husband’s success, but would give it all up to find true love. She is a very humble lady who just wants to meet Mr. Right. Enter aspiring songwriter Benjamin, played by the handsome Morris Chestnut. While Benjamin is waiting for his big break into the music industry, he plays Santa for the local mall.

Nancy and Benjamin’s paths cross when she takes her kids to the mall to see Santa and her little girl asks him to bring a man to compliment her mommy for Christmas. Benjamin is intrigued and after he sees the girl’s mom he is smitten. He decides to make the girl’s wish come true. Heck, he’s single and ready to mingle and Nancy is a good looking woman. He develops a scheme to meet her that works like a charm and since he is charming and attractive she agrees to date him.

They become an item and Nancy’s daughter is ecstatic, her son however has an issue with him. The son wants his parents to reunite and longs for love from his absentee father. J-Jizzy is so busy with his career; he spends no time with his kids. He substitutes money for love and pretty much couldn’t be bothered with his children.

Meanwhile, J-Jizzy needs a new song for his Christmas album and he runs across a track from Benjamin’s demo. Neither of them knows the other’s relationship to Nancy and they begin a business relationship. Once he finds out, Benjamin continues to see Nancy without telling her or J-Jizzy and that’s when the problem starts. You’ll need to watch it to see if they live happily ever after or if Nancy dumps him for good.

This movie is cute and I would watch it after drinking a glass or two of eggnog. It star an all star cast with Kat Williams, Queen Latifah, Terrance Howard and Faison Love joining Chestnut, Murphy and Union.


25 Days of Christmas – Day 19 Four Christmases


4 Christmases

This is a romantic Christmas comedy starring Reese Witherspoon as Kate and Vince Vaughn as Brad; A couple who would rather die than spent the holidays with their families. They plan a wonderful tropical holiday vacation, but a fog prevents them from catching their flight. In a turn of bad luck Kate’s mother sees them being interviewed by the local news and insists they spend the holidays with family. To avoid spending too much time with one family, they decide to split their time between their four divorced parents’ homes.

Let the fun times begin! Brad’s father played by the great Robert Duvall is a hardnosed man who lives with his grown sons who are crazy cage fighters. Brad is more sensitive which causes the brothers to ridicule and bully him because they think he is soft. Let’s just say Brad is in hell. Brad’s mom’s house is no better as his new step dad is his former best friend. That’s right, Brad’s mom is the worst kind of cougar, sleeping with the guy her son grew up playing with.

Kate’s family is no better ridiculing her about her past life as “Cootie Kate”, a sad, overweight child who was tortured by her classmates. There was a very traumatic event that involved a bouncy house that Kate must relive. Her mom is a religious freak and is dating a pastor. This ends is a big fight between Kate and Brad and almost ends the relationship.

How do they get back together? Well, you’ll just have to watch the movie to find out. It is a hilarious tale and my side was hurting by the end. It even has some big Hollywood names besides Mr. Duvall there is Sissy Spacek, Jon Favreau, Tim McGraw, Mary Steeburgen, Dwight Yoakam, Kristin Chenoweth and Jon Voight.


25 Days of Christmas – Day 18 Prancer



You know Dasher and Dancer, Prancer and Vixen… Comet and Cupid, Donner and Blitzen, bit do you know the most famous reindeer of all? Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer… Hold up, Wait a minute! Let’s back this thing up. I’m Prancer, third in line to the throne that is until Rudolph showed up. No shade, but he just took over the joint like he owned it. Well I am known as Mr. Fix it. That’s right, if you have a problem, Prancer can fix it.

Well that brings me to the story; you see Santa was having a problem with the lack of belief in Christmas. The children were so enamored with their electronic toys and fancy gadgets; they started to forget about Santa and the spirit of Christmas. Santa expects this from adults, it’s just a part of growing up, but the children were another story. Unless the small ones still believe there is a danger that Christmas as we know it will no longer exist. Here’s where I come in.

I flew to a small town to find a little girl named Jessica. She has enough Christmas spirit to save the entire world. This little girl plays Christmas Carols all year round. She lost her mother and lives on a farm with her brother, father and aunt. To get in with her I faked an injury to my front leg because I knew she would take care of me. It almost backfired when her father tried to shoot me, but Jessica saved the day. She found me, led me to her farm where she hid me in the barn. This girl was so special that she took on a job cleaning an old lady’s house just to buy me some food. She did this all without her father’s knowledge and I can’t say I condone lying, but her heart was in the right place.

Long story short, Jessica’s father discovers me and tries to kill me again, but a neighbor convinced him to sell me to him. I spent time locked up in a small fenced area in a snow storm. Santa would never treat me like this, but I had a purpose and that was to save Christmas. Jessica and her brother attempt to break me out and in the process she falls from a tree and injures herself. I broke out to assist her, but she thinks I am just a regular deer, not Santa’s Reindeer. She loses her faith a little until she reads her favorite Christmas Story with her dad. She ends up saving the day and restoring the faith in the world.

It’s a great story about faith, love and endurance. Please watch it. What do you have to lose? After all, it stars me!