Indie Shine Memorial Weekend Edition- DD Wright



Welcome to another edition of Indie Shine, a place for Rebirthoflisa to shine the spotlight on indie artists. Today we welcome poet and author, DD. Wright.

DD Wright

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D.D. Wright was born in Harlem NY but raised in the Bronx. She graduated from Sacred Heart as well Cardinal Spellman HS. She later received her Bachelors Degree in Psychology as well as her Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education, from Lehman College. She has been teaching since 2002 but writing since childhood.

Currently, D.D. is a successful author. She self-published her first book of poetry, Poetry 2Life in October of 2012. Followed by her second ebook of poetry, Embracing: A Poetic Perspective in April of 2013. In June of 2014, D.D. started an online talk show entitled, “Poetic Soul”.

Q &A:

What do you do and Why do you do it? 
I write books of poetry, short stories and literary letters. I enjoy universal ideas almost as much as I enjoy sharing them. Writing is therapeutic. I hope to encourage and inspire those who need it the most. Connecting/networking with other indie authors inspires me to keep the pen close.
DD WrightTell us about your most recent work. 
“For the Sake of Romance: A Chapbook For Those Who Love” is my 6th publication. It focuses on romance and loving. It is a short collection of short and slightly longer than short poems meant to revive the concept of romance. In the world we live in, its difficult for some of us to keep in mind that romance does still exist. This chapbook serves as a reminder – for all ages, that it does.
Who inspires you? 
My daughter inspires me. She is so hilarious and energetic. There are quite a few icons as well as indie authors that also inspire me. Those who are determined to overcome and grow through challenges inspire me the most.
What do you consider your “Masterpiece” at this time?
At this time, my masterpiece is the novel I am working on. I am combining the two short stories I wrote, “Coincidental Fate” and “Samson’s Story” with an additional pages to complete my first novel. It will serve as tangible proof that anything is possible. Plus the story line is one most have and will be able to relate to.
What is your motto in life? 
My motto in life is, the only person that can get in your way is you. Not only have I overcome this but have seen others be held back by themselves. Once determined, nothing nor anyone can block a soul from obtaining/accomplishing what they want.
Name your wildest dream. The one you can not imagine achieving, but would love for it to come true. 
My wildest dream would be receiving the Pulitzer Prize or Newberry Metal for a book I wrote. It isn’t the award as much as knowing that my words graced that many readers. I would love that.
What is your favorite quote?
My favorite quote is one by Tupac Shakur, “Reality is wrong, dreams are for real”. tupac quoteAnything is possible if you believe, yes, even dreams!
When it is all said and done, what would you like to be remembered for? 
I would like to be remembered as a caring mother, educator and writer who gave the best of herself to those she cared for. One who also stood up for the underdogs and advocated for those whose voice wasn’t courageous enough.
Tell us about your next project and when will it be available to the public? 
I am currently organizing an anthology, “While Waiting”. It will be a free ebook advising single men and women about the waiting period between where they are now as they head towards a relationship. Several indie authors will be writing poems, letters and short stories offering their wisdom on this way of life.
Where can fans purchase your work?
My books are available in both soft cover and e-books at,, and For autographed copies, please email me PayPal payments will be accepted.
DD Wright2

©DD Wright used with permission

Social Media:

Instagram: @authorddwright

Facebook: @Poetry2Life

Happy Birthday in Heaven Mama Maya



Today I would like to send a special birthday greeting all the way up to heaven to one of my heroes, Dr. Maya Angelou. Her words and wisdom have helped me live my best life. I am still a work in progress, but at least I know some things about life. I will continue to strive to be the best person I can be because I know better than my past and I have resolved to do better.


How ironic is it that National Poetry Month houses Dr. Angelou’s birthday? It was cosmic alignment. I would like to share one of my favorite poems by her with you today. It is called The Mask and she used it in conjunction with Paul Laurence Dunbar’s poem We Wear the Mask. This poem has inspired a story from me as well. It is at the beginning stages of outline and character analysis, but I plan to push forward with it very soon.



Happy Birthday in Heaven Mama Maya…

When Queens Speak!


Good Morning Lovies,

FullSizeRender(1)I am so excited to share with you guys a FREE anthology of poetry called “When Queens Speak” (Royalty Reaches the Masses). I am proud to say four of my poems were included in this collection in honor of National Poetry Month. I hope you will take the time to download your copy. It is only available in e-book form. Many thanks to Rashida V. for putting this together.

Here’s the blurb:

“This E-book is a wonderful Anthology of poetry written by multiple American women. It’s eclectic, thought provoking and sincere. Each poem will enlighten or awaken the mind, the heart or the soul that engages. A dope work of feminine poetic energy surged into one. This is a must read.”

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Indie Shine – Jennifer Robinson



In this edition of Indie Shine, a place for rebirthoflisa to “Shine” the spotlight on indie artists, we welcome author and poet, Jennifer Robinson!

Jenn 1

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Lover of food, music and words! I am a poet, aspiring author and blogger


What do you do and Why do you do it?
I am a writer and I write because I have to. Writing is how my thoughts and feelings are manifested. If I could not share my heart, I would be lost. My sister told me that I have something to say that the world needs to hear so…I write!
Tell us about your most recent work.
I have written a book of poetry entitled “But…there’s love”. It was very difficult to publish because my poems aren’t just words thrown together; my poems are what I’m feeling. They are intimate. It became easier when I discovered I was not alone in my feelings and others could relate.
Who inspires you?
Jill Scott is quite possibly my biggest influence. The way she writes is just…it’s perfect. I am also a fan of Carolyn Malachi. I love her poetic, spoken word musical style.
What do you consider your “Masterpiece” at this time?
I wrote a poem entitled “Beauty” with someone else in mind. However, I found out the words came so easily because it was really for me. It’s about the struggle with low self-esteem. I’ve written probably about 200 poems but this one is easily my favorite.
Jenn 2

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What is your motto in life?

“Silver and gold, have I none, but SUCH AS I HAVE give I thee”. I live by the motto of such as I have. Whatever I have to give, be it money, a poem, words of encouragement, a shoulder to lean on, a smile, or a truth talk, then that is what I will give.
Name your wildest dream. The one you can not imagine achieving, but would love for it to come true.
I want to travel the country to eat. I love food, although I am somewhat of a picky eater. I want my best friend and I to leave our kids and just go around the country trying new foods.
What is your favorite quote?
“I don’t walk around, trying to be what I’m not. I don’t waste my time, trying to get what you got. I work at pleasing me, cause I can’t please you. And that’s why I do what I do”-Erykah Badu
When it is all said and done, what would you like to be remembered for?
That I cast fear to the side and shared what I love.
Tell us about your next project and when will it be available to the public?cover
My next book “Conversations of the heart” will be available in March.
Where can fans purchase your work?
My book can be purchased on, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It is available as a paperback and ebook.

Social Media

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3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge – Day 1


It seems like these blog challenges are the new thing and I am always up for a challenge. Thanks to Ritu at But I Smile Anyway for nominating me for the 3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge

The challenge is about posting your favorite quotes or your own quotes for 3 days in a row.

The rules of the challenge include:
Thank the person who nominated you
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If you read my blog, you know I love a good quote so this challenge is right up my alley. Here is today’s entry:


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Words Crush Wednesday #wcw – Gwendolyn Brooks


wcw brooks1

This week’s Words Crush Wednesday is from poet, Gwendolyn Brooks:

wcw brooks

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