5 Days – 5 Photos Challenge


I have been selected by Silver Threading to participate in Jennifer Nichole Wells’  5 photos – 5 days challenge.

5 in 5

The challenge rules: “Post a photo each day for five consecutive days and tell a story about each photo.  The story can be truth or fiction, poetry or prose.  Each day one must also nominate a fellow blogger to participate in the challenge.”


Today’s nominee is: Nosy Josie from Mind Yo business 

Day 1: Maris the Beluga Whale

© Lisa W Tetting

© Lisa W Tetting

My name is Maris and I am a Beluga Whale living at the Georgia Aquarium. Today is the saddest day in my life. For 15 months I carried my baby in my womb and was excited to be a first time mom. The trainers were very excited when they realized I was having a baby. Everyone started cheering and giving me all this extra attention. I got lot more food to eat and all of the kids that visited the aquarium were told about the new baby on the way. My doctors took measurements and made preparation of a nursery for my new bundle of joy.

On Mother’s Day I received the best present ever, my little one came. “It’s a girl,” everyone screamed as she swam around and then took her first breath. She was the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. I was nervous, but ready to be a mom. I loved my baby, but right away I felt something was wrong. I tried to tell the doctor, but they could not understand me. I kept loving on her and feeding her, but she would not grow like she was supposed to. We were already moved to a private tank so the public was not allowed to see her. I tried my best to save my baby girl, but no matter what I did she kept losing weight.

Early this morning, I noticed she was very weak and didn’t want to swim. I panicked and called for the doctors, but nobody was there yet. My baby stopped swimming so I nudged her with my nose. She floated there lifeless as I called and called for the humans. Finally they came, but it was too late for them to help.

Now I swim in this tank calling for my little girl that they took away this morning. I want to know what happened and I miss her very much. My mate and I are very sad and are in morning. I wonder if we would have lived in the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, would my baby would have survived. Only God knows.

*** This is a fictitious story based on true and imagined facts. Unfortunately, there was a baby beluga that passed away at the Georgia Aquarium. This was my attempt to speak through the mother’s pain*** 

One Word Photo Challenge Part II- Rain



This week marks the start of Part II of the One Word Photo Challenge for Jennifer Nichole Wells’ Blog. In Part I we focused on colors, but now in Part II the challenge deepens as we focus on weather. Today’s subject is RAIN. Rainy Days make me sleepy, make my hair shrink & frizz and make me long to go outside:

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