Remembering Michael


Today I want to take time out to remember Michael Joseph Jackson! He brought so much joy to the world and I am happy when I see fans passing on his music to the next generation. He will live on in my heart and the hearts of millions of fans all over the world. His death seven years ago was devastating and still hurts. Though I never had the pleasure of meeting him, I felt like he was a member of the family. I have never known what the world was like without him. He was always a part of my life and always will be. Rest well my King.  You are loved!

Black Authors I LOVE! – Day 5


Denis Waitley

Today’s featured author for my series Black Authors I LOVE! is none other than Dick Gregory. Mr. Gregory is better known as a comedian and a Civil Rights Activist, but his autobiography released in 1964 is a book well worth reading. Mr. Gregory is a national treasure who marched with Dr. King and advised some of the world’s greats like Michael Jackson. He is one of our elders who doesn’t mind putting himself on the line to spread his truth. The younger generation may know him for his controversial videos on YouTube where he addresses all sorts of conspiracy theories, but controversy is nothing new to this icon. Anyone who names his autobiography Nigger isn’t afraid of a little scrutiny, but his wisdom is needed.

BH Gregory


Two Words for Joseph Fiennes… BEAT IT!




I am shocked, appalled and pretty much pissed off that people are supporting this new movie about Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando taking a road trip after 911. I have loved MJ all of my life so let me just put it out there, despite how he looked on the exterior when he passed away, Michael was a black man! I’ll let that sink in for you…. OK now that that is clear let me tell you how hurtful it is to read all of these comments on social media and TV from people comparing the casting of a white British man, Joseph Fiennes to play him.

  • Michael was a proud black man and left no doubts about that in any interview he participated in, one in fact where he expressed the fact that he would NEVER want a white person cast to play him. Don’t believe me just watch: Click Here
  • Michael and the Jackson Family are like royalty to the black community here in the US. To cast someone outside of his race to play him diminishes his character.
  • We need positive black men to look up to in the world and MJ was a compassionate and generous person who did nothing in this world but spread love. (I don’t want to hear that nonsense about him abusing kids because he was never convicted and his FBI file was released when he died and there was no evidence to that fact.)
  • Despite being magical and put on a pedestal for most of his life, Michael was a real man with a family and fans who love him. He should not be compared to fictional characters such as James Bond to validate the casting. He was real, people not a figment of a writer’s imagination.
  • Michael’s skin color had been called into question, but people tend to forget that he suffered from a skin disease called Vitiligo. Yes his skin became progressively lighter as he aged and the bleaching cream he used was to even out his skin, not to turn him into a white man, but to appear “normal” in public.
  • Michael Jackson was a global legend and everyone knew he was a black man. The fact that he was able to gain acceptance all over the world despite his race is a great accomplishment. The world needs to see the success of a black man to help combat the awful stereotypes that fester about all people of color, especially men. He was the epitome of the true American story.
  • To allow someone who is not of his race to play him in a comedy about the aftermath of 911 is once again taking a jab at the man. He endured so much when he was on this earth, can they please just let him rest in peace?

I am sure Joseph Fiennes is a fine man and actor, but I have to call bullshit when I see it. There is no way a white British actor who is an eighth cousin of Charles, Prince of Whales can even begin to know the struggle of Michael Jackson, a black man from Gary, Indiana whose father worked in a factory. News Flash: There is way more to being black than just the skin. I have heard people say it shouldn’t matter the color of the actor because they are color blind. In my youth I used to be one of those people who thought being color blind was the thing to be. When I matured I realized this notion was incorrect. Being color blind says it is not ok to be different, that my color is something to be ignored instead if embraced.

Not to mention, I have seen clips of his brother dancing and if the panache for dancing runs in the family like acting does, well I’ll just leave this here. And for those who say the movie is about a road trip and there will be no dancing, just know dancers carry themselves in such a way that it translates in every movement they make and MJ was one hell of a dancer. I have said my peace and I am sure the film will still be made, but I know for sure I will not be watching it.  I have always been protective of MJ and I guess I always will. Rest well King of Pop and know your true fans still fight for you!


MJ Celebration – Legends Panel (PARODY) – MJ Responds to Critics


The idea is notto live forever,but to (1)

Ok this is the last post of the night and I had to add one more episode of The Legends Panel. This was a response to the haters who did not like the creators animated version they did for Christmas this past year. I quite enjoyed it, but others did not. Watch here as MJ throws major shade:

MJ Celebration – Legend’s Panel “The Truth Behind Billie Jean” (Parody)


The idea is notto live forever,but to (1)

I have been following The Legend’s Panel for quite some time now and it is hilarious. The creators take video footage of those who have been deemed legend in the music industry and dub voices with a comedic script. The Panel consists of MJ, Janet, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Madonna and Prince. A host of other celebrities are always trying to be deemed legend so they can sit on the panel. Check out the one they did on the “Truth” behind Billie Jean. Keep in mind it is a PARODY!