Friday Happy Dance – Janet Jackson



Today’s Happy Dance is in response to the state of the world today. I have chosen to express my angst in a positive manner and thus have decided to share “State of the World” by Janet Jackson. The video is a Lyric video so the words can have more impact.

Friday Happy Dance – Janet Jackson


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To kick off the month of September I decided today’s Friday Happy Dance should be from the Queen that is Janet Jackson. She kicked off her world tour this week and is slaying! Miss Jackson is still a great dancer and the lady can just plain entertain. She’s showing all of these young gals how it’s done, and this time around she is keeping her clothes on and goes back to being more modest . Go head Miss Janet!

Friday Happy Dance – Janet


happy dance1

It’s Friday Baby and it’s July! The Empress of Pop is back with a new smooth groove called “No Sleep”. Dubbed as the Queen of Insomnia, Janet has not missed a beat. And speaking of “Beat”, did you see Miss Jackson at the BET Awards. She looks like she stepped out of a time machine. There is no official video yet, so for now listen and enjoy:

Words Crush Wednesday #wcw – Janet


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This week’s Word’s Crush Wednesday comes from my girl, Janet Jackson. The icon says:

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Thanks to all who participated in last week’s challenge. Please don’t forget to pingback to this post and use #wcw so I can find your entries.

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