Wise Words Wednesday!



Hi Lovies,

A new year brings new features here on @rebirthoflisa! I decided to cancel my previous Words Crush Wednesday #wcw Challenge for several reasons. However, before you clutch your pearls, I am implementing a new feature to take it’s place. The replacement is not a challenge. it is simply wise words spoken from those who came before us and knew a whole lot more. I call it ‘Wise Words Wednesday’ and today is the launch. To kick things off, I am using the wise words of the remarkable James Baldwin.

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Black Authors I LOVE! Day 9


Denis Waitley

Today’s Featured author for Black Authors I LOVE! is the wonderfully talented James Baldwin! He was a true Renaissance Man. He was ahead of his time and I for one would love to know what he would think of the world today. I am sure he dreamed, but never actually thought the day would come when people of the LGBT Community could express their love openly and go a step further and get married. He wrote many classics, but my personal favorite is “Giovanni’s Room” – a story about an American man in Paris who struggles between his love of a man and a woman.