Kindle App for i-Phone Users



Hi guys,

Just a quick post while Scandal is on commercial break. Ha, ha! Earlier today I found something that should help all of us writers with sales. You may already know about it, but because it is new to me I’m posting about it. Usually I am a girl who needs a hard copy of a book, but I needed to read a book for some research I am doing and it is only available on Amazon as an e-book. My dilemma was I don’t own a tablet.

The Amazon Kindle App for i-Phone was the answer! I decided to go ahead, order the book and worry about how  to read it later. In the past I have downloaded PDF files and a cookbook or two and been was able to view them on an i-Books App so I thought there might be a way to open a Kindle book there. Well. I did not have to worry because upon checkout, Amazon prompted me to download their free app. To my surprise, not only did the app fulfill my needs, but it was FREE and it came with a $5 credit. I was stoked because I was able to get the book I needed for pennies! Woo Hoo!

kindle appGet yours today and tell your readers. It broadens your readership to i-Phone users without uploading your manuscript to i-Tunes. Happy reading!