Melanade – Beah Richards




Melanade is a place for women of color, who are doing great things in the world, to be honored. I am quite aware that Beah Richards is deceased, however, I feel her voice and bodies of work are still making a great impact in this world.


beahrBeah Richards(1920 – 2000) was a poet, playwright and author, but she was best known as an actress of “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” fame, where she earned an Academy Award nomination.She was a at home on the stage, staring in James Baldwin’s “Amen Corner”.  She was also a staple on television throughout her career. In 1988 she received her first Emmy for her performance in ‘Frank’s Place’ and again in 2000 she was honored with the Emmy just days before her death for her role in ‘The Practice’.

She was a strong activist who fought for equality for blacks in America. She did not hold her tongue and was willing to die for her beliefs. In 2004, Lisa Gay Hamilton accepted The Peabody Award for Beah:A Black Woman Speaks, a biographical film about Beah’s life.

Wise Words Wednesday – Summitt



patMany of you who follow the blog know one of my idols is Pat Head Summitt. I could go on and on about how this lady affected my life, but that would only bore you. What I will do is let her words speak for themselves. Pat passed away last year in June, but her dream to find a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease is still alive and well with the opening of the Pat Summitt Clinic. This horrible disease took the two greatest ladies I had in my life last year within 6 months of each other. I want a cure for this so families do not have to watch their loved ones suffer.  I urge you to get involved. Volunteer, donate, organize a walk or just spread the word. Click here to see all of the great things the Pat Summitt Foundation is doing.

Here is the famous Definite Dozen: