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Hi Lovies,

I have been inspired to create a guest blog event for women who are over 30 and are childless. There were a couple of social media posts over the last few weeks that I was engaged in where women who do not have a baby and are over the age of 30 are simply tired of being harassed by society. They will not comply with what the rest of the world deems normal and are pushing back. The reluctance to talk about what is happening with their bodies is personal and private. Why do strangers need to know if they can’t have a baby or simply don’t want one?

Well, this blog feature is going to address those concerns and more. It is a way for women to express themselves without the overwhelming cloak of judgement hanging over them. If you are a “childless” woman over the age of 30 and would like to participate in this event, please contact me.

Let the people hear your point of view so they can stop asking you all of the time. Let your voices be heard!  Be sure to spread the word! Like, and share this post.



The Gravity of Something New


The Gravity of Something New

Reserved is my nature
Nurture my nature and pet my tales
of life on the line in creating and levity.
A word stained with the trepidation it brings to me and stubbornness it exudes within.

Social and Nice, are never words readily used to describe me by people who don’t know me beforehand, but since I’ve started performing, I realize after much prodding by the little dragons on either shoulder that those two words are NECESSARY.
Ergo, my something new, is a matter of personality, and since I’ve started blogging again, I’ve interacted with some of the nicest people on the web and it’s rubbing off for sure! Lol.

Thanks Lisa for this guest posting opportunity, you’re a GEM!

Here’s how this trial and error of mine played out:

I aim to smile more – light up world with lips curved upwards: grin.
I compliment efforts – pat shoulders, hip hip hoorays: well done.
I engage – keep in contact, send and reply to messages: effective.
I reflect – sulk and sigh, think it through: metacognition.

Life and its rigors can easily get you down
flattened like pancakes with a thin batter, but,
it’s up to you the batter to get the ball swung out and going
up to you to change your perspective to something new
for only you can choose the best over the better,
choose to smile and not frown
laugh and not cry
choose to write and not keep things welled up inside.
There is something eclectic about the unknown,
the freedom, fear and joy it holds,
something pure about change, difference, awakenings
something new, but more like you, real and true.

Nurture my nature, but my nature shall change, evolve and become the pinnacle of something great.

Try Something New Today!


Bio – 

©Gervanna Stephens used with permission

©Gervanna Stephens used with permission

Gervanna ‘Gravity’ Stephens is a writer, poet, educator and motivator.  She’s currently a performing poet in Jamaica and takes photographs in her spare time.  A “silent river runs deep” kind of persona, who appreciates all things creative and aims to allow people to see beyond their own two feet, to the bigger picture that is Life. You can check out her blog Gripping Black here –