I am soo excited! At the beginning of this year I set a goal to reach 1000 followers by the end of the year. Well, thanks to all my wonderful readers and friends, I have exceeded that goal as of yesterday! Woo Hoo! I am so happy and I guess I will have to work on a new goal for the rest of the year. It feels great and I THANK YOU . meme13

Rebirthoflisa Blogiversary – NaBloPoMo #18



This Saturday, November 22nd will mark my one year Blogiversary! I can’t believe it has been a whole year since I decided to start my personal blog. I have always written, but never before had I let the world read it. I would let one or two people read my work and that was it. I am happy to report that in a year’s time I now have over 200 followers on my blog with 100 plus on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. This may not sound like a lot in the social media world, but in the world of Lisa it is amazing!

Over the last year I have taken the Blogging 101 and 201 courses as well as the Photography 101 course and met several new bloggers to interact with. I have improved my skills as a blogger and learned valuable tools to help build my readership as well as make my blog better. I have participated in several events on other bloggers’ pages and have hosted my own. This year I am participating in the annual NaBloPoMo event on BlogHer that coincides with NaNoWriMo. I have accomplished so many things that I never thought I would in the last twelve months and I have big hopes and dreams for year 2.

In the upcoming year I have many dreams that I plan on bringing to reality such as my first novel being published, expanding my readership, attending blogger conventions, and much more.

I am super stoked about celebrating my accomplishments and I can’t wait to share the day with you all! Saturday, from 9 am – Midnight, I will be hosting a Poetry Blog Party. All participants are invited to choose a poem written by the legendary Maya Angelou and write a poem inspired by hers. You will post the poems on your blog and then ping back to mine, as well as posting a link advertising my blog party, encouraging your readers to participate. You will also be asked to visit at least 5 other blogs in participation and comment on at least 2 of them. It win win for everyone and who knows, there may be prizes too!

Post a comment below if you will join me for the fun. Don’t forget to tell your friends!

Blog Goals


Today starts the Blogging 201 Class and the challenge is to come up with 3 goals for my blog. Well I thought about everything I would like to accomplish and narrowed it down to the three most important:


I didn’t stop with just the goal. I decided to make an action plan to help me.

How am I going to get there:

1) Continue taking courses
2) network
3) secure weekly & monthly features
4) attend conferences & workshops
5) write at least 3 time a week
6) interact with fellow bloggers at least 1 hour a week

Blog upgrades

Weekly feature: Friday Dance- feature music to make you dance.

Monthly feature: Book Review

Of course this is a work in progress and will be implemented by trial and error.