I’m Back!


Hi Lovies,

After a very short hiatus I’m back!!! Let the games begin. While I was gone I found my new favorite store. I am so excited. My hubby and I are in Greenville, SC and we saw an interesting store that resells used books, DVDs, games, music and electronics. I tell you I could spend hours in the book section alone. 2nd & Charles was heaven and I left floating on a cloud.

 They had a summer sale on all fiction book that just so happened to end the day I was there.! The sale was buy 3 get 2 Free!!! Here is the stash I left with.

I wanted more, by I had to reign myself in. All of this was $15.06. Can you say HAPPY!!! My poor husband could not understand my elation, but I know my writer friends will. That’s all for now and remember…




Hi Guys,

Just a quick update to let you all know about a great find I made yesterday. My husband and I were in downtown St. Petersburg for lunch at a Cuban restaurant we heard about called Bodega. The food was OK, but the street art in the area was better. I have a thing about street art and will post about that later. After lunch we decided to explore the area and struck gold! I love a good bookstore and we saw “Florida’s Largest New & Used Bookstore” called Haslam’s. They boast over 300,000 books in stock. I almost lost my mind when I saw the sign. Truth be told, I could spend hours in there exploring, but I had mercy on my hubby and only browsed for about 30 minutes.


I did come away with a book by Stacy Hawkins Adams called “Watercolored Pearls”. I am excited to read this book because I have never heard of this author and I love discovering different writers. So if you are ever in St. Pete look them up, but be prepared to stay a while.