SHEep – A Poem by Lisa W. Tetting


Ya’ll chicks vexed

Can’t be like her

So you wind up stressed

Thinking you can let a dog roam

She don’t need no lemonade her man’s at home


Drinking watermelon like King Bey

It won’t keep those pesky side chicks away

On your knees drinking his sweet tea

While Becky is sliding in on the d


A lady in the street a freak in the bed

Bitch please that sentiment is dead

Freaks are like Janet – right in your face

They fuck your man any time and any place


Walking around with blinders on

Slip up once and he’s gone

Better open your eyes and love yourself

That ride or die shit ain’t good for your health.

© Lisa W Tetting and Rebirth of Lisa

I Woke Up Like This? – NaBloPoMo #25



Today’s post was suggested by Writer’s Path on his blog today: “A Celebrity realizes that he/she isn’t real.” I saw this and thought I would have a little fun…. I wonder what would happen if Queen Bey, Beyonce to all Non Beehive Members, went to sleep one night and woke up a regular girl.

In my head Beyonce is a real down chick, but has an image she must uphold because of the monster that was created by her PR team years ago. I would even venture to say she would enjoy being a regular girl, but I just know she would miss the lime light. This is what I think will happen if the day should ever come when Beyonce is no longer a celebrity.

The scene is a messy bedroom, clothes and shoes everywhere. It is a modest apartment with a queen size bed, nightstand and dresser with a mirror. On the bed lies a woman who appears to be recovering from as wild night out. She is wearing a dress from the night before and has one shoe on. Her makeup is smeared and her blonde weave is a mess. Suddenly the alarm goes off and the woman is jarred awake. She looks in the mirror and wonders what happened to her. After all, she is the fabulous pop star who would never be caught dead in this apartment. Whose place is this and why is she here? She stumbles to her feet and calls out for her husband. There is silence. Now she is fully awake and is starting to get scared. Where is everyone and why did they leave her in this apartment? She looks around for clues as to what happened and locates what appears to be her phone.

This isn’t my new iPhone, I have the 7.0 version that hasn’t even come out yet; this phone is a 4s. She tries her password anyway and the phone opens. She looks at the contact list and sure enough she sees her last call was to her sister, Solange. She looks at the pictures and sees pictures of her looking drunk in a club with a bunch of basic chicks. Who are these girls and why do I blend in with them she thinks to herself. She calls Solange and is sent straight to voice mail. This never happens, Solange always takes my calls. She decides to look around the apartment and locates some mail on the dresser. It is addressed to her, but has a weird address in Houston. What is going on? I live in NYC! She turns on the TV and TMZ is reporting a story titled “Solange’s sister does it again”. They are talking about Solo as if she is the biggest star on the planet and then they show footage of her and those basic girls from her photos running around hotels shooting videos with an iPad. They are drinking Slurpees and she is doing crazy dances with one leg. They called it 7/11. How embarrassing, she was never a star at all, just a regular chick hanging with her girls. Then she hears Biggie Smalls voice in her head “It Was All a Dream, I Used to Read Word Up Magazine….”