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In this edition of Indie Shine, a place for rebirthoflisa to ‘Shine’ the spotlight on indie artists, we welcome poet and soon to be author Nadine Tomlinson!

Nadine T

©Nadine Tomlinson used with permission

Bio :

Nadine Tomlinson is a writer of speculative fiction. She enjoys sharing ideas, resources, and storytelling to help writers and other creatives find inspiration for their art and a thriving life. She is writing her first novel.

Q & A

What do you do and Why do you do it? 
I write because it’s my gift and I want to share it with the rest of the world. Also, I believe in the power of storytelling to transform lives and shape new narratives. That’s what I want my stories to do.
Tell us about your most recent work. 
I’m working on my first speculative fiction novel. It has elements of magical realism drawn from Jamaican folklore. It’s about family and facing the consequences of one’s actions, among other things. My protagonist is plus-sized and an anti-heroine. I love her. She’s way different from me. I hope I do her story justice.
Who inspires you?
So many, but here are my favourites: Octavia E. Butler, Nnedi Okorafor, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Margaret Atwood, JK Rowling, Olive Senior, Kei Miller, Maya Angelou, Alice Walker.
What do you consider your “Masterpiece” at this time? 
When I’ve created it, I’ll get back to you. (laughs)
What is your motto in life? 
I think my motto has been subconscious in that I’ve never articulated it or written it down before. Now that I’m thinking about it, it would be to always be true to myself, and that includes never conforming to the status quo.
Name your wildest dream. The one you can not imagine achieving, but would love for it to come true.
To visit every continent and live in one of those places for a while.
What is your favorite quote? 
-We're All Made of Stories-Gosh, I have so many. But I love the first part of Charles de Lint’s quote: “We’re all made of stories.”
When it is all said and done, what would you like to be remembered for? 
That I made people know that they’re not alone, that I understood and cared and did my best to show that through my lifework.
Tell us about your next project and when will it be available to the public? 
When my novel is ready for publication, I’ll let you know.
jcdc-gold-anthologyWhere can fans purchase your work? 
This isn’t my work per se, but some of my short stories were published in a Jamaican anthology.  It’s available on the publisher’s website: 

The Anthology is a fitting follow-up to the Literary Anthology Festival published by the Jamaican Cultural Development Commission (1987). It is a colourful presentation of gold-medal winning short stories that reflect the many scenes of old and new Jamaica.

  • Authors: Rudolph Wallace, Dionne Jackson-Miller, Verone Johnston, Michael Reckord, Claudette Beckford-Brady, A-Dziko Simba, Nadine Tomlinson, Charmaine Morris, Rhonda Harrison, Carroll Edwards

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