3 thoughts on “Wise Words Wednesday – Lincoln

  1. So true. Right now the people of Puerto Rico who are United States citizens are suffering. No food. No water. No housing. No power. No doctors or medical care for the injured or dying. However the power mad socio-path in the Oval Office refuses to help them. He cites their debt. Also we know he hates Hispanic people. Because of his hate many are dying with very little help in sight. I have family members and friends who are Puerto Rican. Those with family members in P.R. are desperate to help relatives living there. Communication is still iffy and it is very difficult to get in touch with those who need help. The U.S. government has abandoned it’s responsibility to help those in crisis.

    • It is a shame that only some citizens are deemed worthy of help. I would say I am shocked, but I am not. I did however read an article last night staying all of the living former Presidents of the US have banned together in a fund raising effort to get relief to the people in PR. I hope it is not to late.

      How is your family? Have you been able to contact them?

      • Fortunately all my family lives in New York so my main concern is for my Puerto Rican co-workers whose families are trapped in the devastation. On payday I will give at least one some money for her family.

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