Wise Words Wednesday – King


This past weekend some Neo-Nazis took to the street to protest a racist statue’s removal in Charlottesville, VA. In the midst of the stupidity, several people were injured and 3 lost their lives. Though this is not something new to blacks in America, but it may serve as a wake up call to those who have remained silent on the subject. I urge you to get involved!

Being involved does not always look like a protest or screaming at the top of your lungs.  It may be something as subtle as a song, poem or a quote, etc. Whatever way you choose to admonish racism, I encourage you to do so!

4 thoughts on “Wise Words Wednesday – King

  1. I feel the same. Sadly if unchecked hatred, bias and racism spread like a virus. And it does not stop with just Black or white Americans. The Asian section of the cemetery where my parents are buried was vandalized. All races and religions are in jeopardy. All Americans need to wake up and make their voices heard against this regression back to darker days. Thank you for this post.

    • I absolutely agree with your assessment. Racism is a cancer that needs to be eradicated. It also feeds discrimination and that has no bounds. That’s what everyone needs to understand. It may not affect you right now because you may not be black or Asian or Latino, but it bleeds into other differences like being a woman, gay, your choice of religion. It just keeps going. Eventually it will be people with brown eyes or black hair. It needs to stop. Like they say what white people who are not racists can do is hold your friends and family who are accountable.

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