Motivational Monday – 6/5/17



Many times we feel compelled to put our lives on hold to care for others. We also tend to feel guilty when want to follow a different path than what is expected of us. There is no shame in making yourself happy. If you aren’t happy, you certainly can’t make anyone else happy. #mm



5 thoughts on “Motivational Monday – 6/5/17

  1. Even though my brother Stephen who has Autism lives in a Group Home I’m the primary contact and also a caregiver. Were there things that I could have done? Pathways that I could have followed? Yes but given the fact that Group Homes for developmentally disabled adults are understaffed and the few staff they have are underpaid. (Fast food workers make more money than Direct Service Providers) I will continue to put my dreams and goals aside in order to make sure my brother gets what he needs in life. He needs me. It is just the two of us. And Yes I would feel guilty and ashamed if I decided to take off on some worldwide jaunt because that’s my dream and leave him behind. I made a Vow that I would never leave him and I’d always be there for him. If that means never realizing my goals then I’m willing to put my wants and desires to one side.

    • That is very commendable and my affirmation was in no way meant to deter you from helping your brother. He needs you and is unable to help his situation. You are a great sister to do that.

      Sometimes people waste their lives fulfilling other people’s dreams and achieving their goals instead of doing what they want. Those are the people I wants to each with this.

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