Motivational Monday – 2/27/17



You’ve heard the age old adage “There’s nothing to fear, but fear itself”. I wholeheartedly find this to be true. The infamous ‘They’ also say you find your reward on the other side of fear. I am constantly testing this theory in my life, but I will let you know when my current fear is conquered. In the mean time you can use this affirmation as I do to help you along the way. #mm



2 thoughts on “Motivational Monday – 2/27/17

  1. Some fear is natural and normal. Fear is what keeps you from jumping off high buildings, in front of subway trains or doing something that would imperial yourself or cause harm to others around you. Fear is what makes you more alert and walk faster down dark streets because you don’t know who or what is lurking there. I work the late shift and get off work after Midnight so if I did not have fear I would be a sitting duck for all the kooks and crazies. Therefore fear is a good thing.

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