Wise Words Wednesday!



Hi Lovies,

A new year brings new features here on @rebirthoflisa! I decided to cancel my previous Words Crush Wednesday #wcw Challenge for several reasons. However, before you clutch your pearls, I am implementing a new feature to take it’s place. The replacement is not a challenge. it is simply wise words spoken from those who came before us and knew a whole lot more. I call it ‘Wise Words Wednesday’ and today is the launch. To kick things off, I am using the wise words of the remarkable James Baldwin.

Be sure to leave your comments and let me know what’s going on in your world. And remember…img_5992-1

4 thoughts on “Wise Words Wednesday!

  1. Love this Quote. Not too long ago I read The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin which I enjoyed.

    I enjoy learning the meaning behind names. My name DeBorah is Hebrew for Queen Bee. Also DeBorah is in the book of Judges which is located in the Old Testament portion of the Bible. My Namesake was a Woman Judge over Israel and she led the battle to defeat the Hebrew people enemies. Needless to say I Love my name!!

    My brother’s name Stephen was also taken from the Bible. From the Greek name Στεφανος (Stephanos) meaning “crown”, more precisely “that which surrounds”. Saint Stephen was a deacon who was stoned to death, as told in Acts in the New Testament. He is regarded as the first Christian martyr. Due to him, the name became common in the Christian world.

    My Stephen is a very loving, kind, compassionate, caring person so his name fits him well.

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