Motivational Monday – New Blog Feature!



Hello Lovies,

Today I am starting a brand new feature on @rebirthoflisa dedicated to helping you feel better on Mondays. The feature is aptly named “Motivational Monday”. I will post affirmations to help motivate you to keep going and have a positive outlook. I hope you will enjoy this feature. Please leave me a comment  with your thoughts and/or feedback.


20 thoughts on “Motivational Monday – New Blog Feature!

      • Colleen Chesebro

        Lisa, thank you so much. I sent you a FB message Saturday, I believe. I was quite emotional with the realization that Abby and you both needed to hear that affirmation from their mother. I shed a few tears of my own thinking about what that must have meant to you. Thank you always for your support. It means so much. ❤

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