Did you know?


Hi Lovies,

Imagine my delight when I discovered a gem while browsing Netflix this week. I am used to finding independent films that intrigue me, but when I stumbled upon ‘My Last Day Without You’ I was over the moon. 

I only gave it a chance because it starred actress Nicole Beharie of ‘Sleepy Hollow’ fame. She is one of my faves and I have to watch whatever she is in. Color me surprised when I discovered she not only played a singer in the movie, but actually sang 5 songs! 

Did you know this chick had pipes?  Don’t feel bad because neither did I. Let me just say if she ever wanted a singing career, record companies should be knocking down her door. 

Don’t believe me just watch the movie. If you don’t have Netflix it is also on YouTube and the soundtrack is on iTunes.

Check out the trailer for this award winning movie:

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