Purple Reign



Whenever anyone passes away it is a sad occasion, but when I heard about the passing of Prince I was deeply affected. Growing up people always asked ‘Do you prefer Prince or Michael?’ My answer was always Michael, but that did not mean I couldn’t wild out to Prince too. In fact his Purple Rain Album gave me life through my later school years and still to this day is my favorite from him. 

The corresponding movie was epic as well and I will never forget seeing him in concert in 1998, something I never got to do with MJ. Prince was a bad man! As a musician he remains untouched. His creativity was on a whole other level of consciousness. 

His genius did not stop in the studio. The man knew how to work a stage and hypnotize a crowd! Not to mention he is the only many that I know who was sexy wearing heels. So I take this time to say goodbye to the musical icon known as Prince. His reign on earth is over. There will never be another. The music industry will never be the same. Sleep well sweet Prince…


8 thoughts on “Purple Reign

  1. The Micheal-Prince relationship is highly symbolic, even their deaths (both of which is mysterious in nature). Like father like son. Michael was the king, Prince was the Prince, son of the king. Musical Legends indeed.

  2. I also thought of YOU right away because last year your award tag asked “MJ or Prince” and I picked Prince. Anyhow, thakns for this post and here’s to a great artist – …. ❤

  3. Prince’s “For You” released during my senior year of high school, and I was hooked. I was also definitely an MJ fan, but Prince is my #1!

    I surprised myself at how deeply his death affected me. He was a tremendous talent that could not be duplicated – though some tried.

    While the media continues to dig for dirt and throw shade, it makes me smile to see the public in general, continue to pay tribute to him, his memory, and his legacy.

    • I think with all the mud slinging and accusations that went on with Michael, it prepared us for the media’s attempt to muddy Prince’s name. He was a musical genius and no amount of slander can take that away.

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