31 Day Movie Challenge – Day 31


Today is the final day of my 31 Day Movie Challenge! I had a ton of fun with this challenge and I hope you did too. Today’s prompt is:

‘Crazy For Swazye or Nah?’

 If you know anything about my love for movies you should know I am on the affirmative! Patrick Swazye was the man. He starred in some great cult classics and made women across the globe fall in love. Swazye played some of the coolest characters on film: Johnny Castle, Bodhi, Sam Wheat, and Dalton to name a few. He also had a pretty good singing voice.

He was a warrior to the end and is sorely missed. 
So Lovies are you a fan? Are you Crazy for Swayze or Nah? Let me know in the comments and remember… 


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