31 Day Movie Challenge – Day 15


Today’s prompt for my 31 Day Movie Challenge is:

‘Name A Disney Character You Identify With’


As I established yesterday, I am that girl who has always loved Disney movies and this prompt is right up my alley. I thought about all of the characters in all of the movies I have seen and I must say I identify most with Belle from ‘Beauty and The Beast’. Here’s why…

  • Belle always had her nose in a book.
  • Belle not only read a lot but she really got to know the characters in the books like they were old friends.
  • Belle was a dreamer . Hello that’s so me!
  • Arrogant bullies were her nemesis.
  • When she fell in love it was because of the way she was treated and how The Beast made her feel. Looks were not a factor- True Love.
  • Belle was a hopeless romantic
  • She cared about others and put them before herself.
  • She was a sweet girl, but could pop off if she needed to.

I am sure there are countless other reasons I identify with Belle, but for now I leave you with these. Who do you identify with? Leave a comment and let me know and remember..,



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