31 Day Movie Challenge – Day 7



Today’s prompt for my 31 Day Movie Challenge is

“Top 5 Comedy Movies”

I love to laugh! In fact it is one of my favorite things to do is get my ki-kis! Here are five of my favorite ‘Funny Movies’

5) Zoolander

Zoolander movie image

Ben Stiller has the ability to tickle me in a quirky but hilarious manner. I adore watching his movies, but my fave from him is his portrayal of simpleton Derek Zoolander, Male Super Model! Blue Steel alone has my side cracking, but the scenes when Derek delivers his friends ‘Eugoogoly’ or spends a week in a ‘Day’ Spa being brainwashed into an assassin it was too much. Of course Will Ferrell as Mugatu was the icing on the cake. The movie also features several celebrity cameos including David Bowie as the judge at ‘The Walkoff’. Have a peek for yourself:


4) Old School

Old School

This movie stars Will Ferrell as Frank The Tank, Luke Wilson as Mitch and Vince Vaughn as Beanie. These three grown men embark on a quest to reclaim their youth on a college campus after Mitch arrives home early from a business trip to catch his live in girlfriend engaging in a ‘gang bang’. He moves into a house on a college campus and Beanie gets the brilliant idea to turn it into a party house. Frank who just got married is having issues at home after the guys first party pegged Mitch-A-Palooza and moves in with Mitch and mayhem ensues. The dean of the college aka Cheeeeese tries to evict them for not being a part of the college so Beanie turns the house into a Frat House recruiting a mishmash of members including a 90 year old named Blue. Check them out:


3) Arsenic and Old Lace

Arsenic and Old Lace

This one stars Cary Grant and is an old head type of comedy. The dry humor in this one reigns. If you love Cary grant this will knock your socks off. He stars as Mortimer Brewster, a loyal nephew who looks after his aging aunts and uncle who all live together. The aunts appear to be sweet innocent ladies who sit around drinking tea all day. The truth is they are serial killers who have murdered dozens of older men and buried them in the basement. To top it off his uncle thinks he is Teddy Roosevelt and runs up the stairs yelling ‘Charge’ at the most inconvenient moments. Mortimer just wants to get married to his fiance, who conveniently lives next door to his aunts, but the madness of discovering his aunts as killers delays it. Not to mention his criminal brother who escaped from jail showing up and threatening the family.

2) Wayne’s World

Waynes World

Wayne’s World stars Mike Meyers as Wayne Campbell and Dana Carvey as his sidekick Garth Algar, two slackers who host a public access TV show on a local cable station about their love of Rock n Roll. A Television producer played by Rob Lowe, sees their show and tries to turn it into a prime time show, but in the process changes the general appeal of the show. This causes a rift between the friends and threatens to destroy their show and lives. In the mean time the producer takes a liking to Wayne’s girlfriend(Tia Carrere) under the guise that he will help her band get a record deal. Party on…

1)Coming To America

Coming to America

The comedic genus that is Eddie Murphy teams together with friend Arsenio Hall to create a cult classic in Coming to America. Murphy plays Akeem an African Prince who comes to America to find his bride after rejecting his arranged marriage. Leaving his home in Zamunda, Akeem sets his sights on finding a woman with a brain who has her own ambitions, not just wanting to please him. He thinks he can find such a woman in Queen, NY after all that is what he is looking for, his future queen. He takes his servant and friend Semmi along with him and they meet a cast o characters along the way, most of which are played by Murphy and Hall. Since he wants a virtuous woman who does not want him for his money, Akeem pretends to be a goat herder in America to attend college and gets a job working at McDowell’s, a knockoff of McDonald’s. He falls for the owner’s daughter and ends up with her after a whirlwind of crazy antics. If you have never seen this movie, please do yourself a favor and watch it.


As a bonus please check out Christmas Vacation staring Chevy Chase. It is my favorite holiday movie, but I can watch it any time of the year.

Alright Lovies, those are just a few of my faves, what are some of yours? Leave a comment with your choices. I’ll see you here tomorrow and remember…IMG_5992-0


4 thoughts on “31 Day Movie Challenge – Day 7

  1. Anything Madea.

    Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail – 15. “Call the Police”

    Young Frankenstein ~~ I think that this is the best of all the Mel Brooks movies.

    Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein – “Whose Brain I did put in?”

    A Fish Called Wanda

    Harvey with Jimmy Stewart
    Harvey Trailer

    Francis the Talking Mule
    Francis joins The WACS movie trailer

    Barbershop Movie – Ice Cube Movies

    Death at a Funeral
    Death at a Funeral (Comedy Film 2010)

  2. o0o this one is goooood. My top 5 (for right now, because I can’t even begin to rank them):

    1. Zoolander (of course)
    2. The Wedding Crashers
    3. Meet the Parents
    4. The Hangover
    5. Superbad

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