Black Authors I LOVE! Day 19


Denis Waitley


Today’s featured author for my Black Authors I LOVE! series is James Weldon Johnson. Johnson was an author, poet, educator and civil rights activist in the early 1900s. He is known for writing the lyrics to “Lift Every Voice and Sing”, The Negro National Anthem. I became familiar with his works when I lived in Jacksonville, FL his home town. His autobiography is one that should be read by the masses. Mr. Johnson was also credited with naming the “Red Summer”, the bloody summer of 1919 in which countless numbers of lynchings, occurred in the South culminating on June 26th in Ellisville, Mississippi. There were race riots in the North and South and caused the bloodiest summer in the history of the US.


One thought on “Black Authors I LOVE! Day 19

  1. I’m glad JWJ made the list. Lift Ev’ry Voice & Sing, for me, is the ultimate protest song. It speaks of a ‘triumphant hope’ that Black folks dared not envision against the backdrop of such a racially charged context. I love its defiance. When my husband and I first met, and I heard him sing every last verse, I was embarrassed that I only knew the most popular ones. I was impressed! Said to myself, “I wouldn’t mind getting to know this brother better!” 😉

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