Black Authors I LOVE! Day 12


Denis Waitley


Today’s featured author for my Black Authors I LOVE! is Sister Souljah! Souljah is a pioneer in the rap game, turned activist, turned author. Her best selling novel “The Coldest Winter Ever” is a wonderfully written tale of a young girl whose father is a drug king pen. She lives the life of luxury thinking she is untouchable. In her neighborhood she is a princess of the streets and she acts accordingly until one day her father’s crimes catch up with him and he is sent to prison. Now she must deal with surviving on her street smarts and using her body to get what she wants. Throughout the story the main character Winter is provided with advice and life lessons which she chooses to ignore. I found myself screaming at her to listen and do better, but she was lost in the street mentality that her father was trying to shield her from all along.

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