Black Authors I LOVE! Day 7


Denis Waitley

Hi Lovies,

Yesterday I took the day off to celebrate some football with my husband so I did not post day 7 of my Black Authors I LOVE feature. Today I am making up for it so here is my entry for Day 7: OCTAVIA BUTLER!

I fell in love with Miss Butler’s books back in the 90s and had the honor of meeting her at a book reading in Charlotte, NC before her passing. She was a true inspiration and her characters are nothing like I have ever read. A true pioneer, her work is classified as Science Fiction and she was one of a handful of black authors who wrote in this genre. If you haven’t read her, I urge you to read at least one of her books. I am sure you will want to read more once you do. A few of my favorites are Kindred, Mind of My Mind and Fledgling. If you have read her, what are your faves? Leave a comment on the post.

5 thoughts on “Black Authors I LOVE! Day 7

  1. Kindred! Did you also see the article about her writing her words to life, where she had handwritten her professions for her books and a successful literary career? Long before social media, and vision board training, Ms. Butler was DOING it! I feel so much more capable when I look around and see these books on my shelf; the knowledge that I have all that I need and that literary prowess, does in fact surround me, is not only grounding but empowering! Thx Lisa!

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