Black Authors I LOVE! – Day 6


Denis Waitley

Today’s featured author for my Black Authors I LOVE! is the incomparable Maya Angelou! This fascinating woman was a poet, author, singer, dancer and college professor just to name a few. She traveled the world and interacted with the people of the planet for her education, yet became one of the most prolific minds of my lifetime. She was down to earth and comfortable dining with presidents and heads of state as she was regular people. She served as an adviser to both Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X carving her place in history as a civil rights activist. She was friends with both James Baldwin and Oprah Winfrey and could spin a tale like nobody’s business. If you have not read her autobiography “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” by all means stop what you’re doing and buy it NOW! Don’t stop there, be sure to read her phenomenal poetry and her other books as well. If that doesn’t float your boat, catch her talking giving words of wisdom to the masses on YouTube.

BH Maya


5 thoughts on “Black Authors I LOVE! – Day 6

  1. Maya aged so gracefully through words. Her wit was fiery too! She was so multifaceted – creativity and spirituality was the undercurrent of everything she did. She spoke with such an attentiveness to a greater humanity and transcendence that leapt over barriers, and was a capable of reaching the most stubborn of hearts through timely inspiration and shared wisdom. She is a strong literary influence. “Ancestral wisdom adorns my flowerbeds,” I say. Maya is among my literary ancestors in that garden.

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