Black Authors I LOVE! – Day 3


Denis Waitley

For day 3 of my Black Authors I LOVE feature is in honor of the one and only Zora Neale Hurston! She is one of my favorite writers because she was wise beyond her year and very ahead of her time. She was adventurous and free and wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. And oh what a brilliant mind it was. I even named the main character of my first novel Zora after her.  My favorite book from Miss Hurston is “Their Eyes Were Watching God”. If you haven’t read this one, do yourself a favor and pick it up soon. This book was developed into a movie by Harpo Productions and stared Halle Berry as the protagonist, Janie. Read more here.

BH Zora


3 thoughts on “Black Authors I LOVE! – Day 3

  1. I still call hubby my Teacakes! Madame Zora was what I like to call colorful – in both words and style. She knew she was courageous and wise, and channeled the raw beauty of her ancestors, paying them the ultimate homage in telling it like it T.I.S.! I loved that spunk about her! Makes me feel like sashaying and waving my skirt when I deliver poetry or spoken word. Such #badassery and moxie! There’s something about laughing and dancing and writing through it when you summon Mdme Zora! Thx for the stroll w/ the one and only Zora and her cast of characters, John De Conqueror, Janie, Teacakes, Motorboat, et al.

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