The #Girl Love Challenge




New Year, New Challenge…. This is the first time I have seen this challenge and it seems great. I am all about supporting other women so this one is right up my alley. I want to thank my girl EC from Pearls Before Swine for tagging me in this challenge.  She is bomb and always looks out for me. I appreciate your kind words and look forward to hanging out and laughing with you one day! For more information on how this challenge started watch the creator Lilly Singh’s video here.


OK now the dreaded rules: #GirlLove Challenge:

  1. Tell your followers who inspires you, a famous woman who may be dealing with negativity on a daily basis.
  2. Tell your followers who inspires you in real life, a woman you always interact with.
  3. Tag five women bloggers who you love. Compliment them and tell them why you love them, and comment under their latest post with the link to your #GirlLove post!


  • So here goes… A famous woman who I admire who may be dealinggabby with negativity on a daily basis is Gabourey Sidibe. As an overweight woman in a skinny world I know the pain felt when others project their idea of beauty on you. Gabourey has handled the adversity she faces with class and style. She shows a confident and strong demeanor in public no matter what nasty things are said about her. She is not afraid to be sexy and show vulnerability in her acting and let’s face it, she is a very successful actress in a world where you typically need to be a size zero to succeed. Kudos to Gabby and I wish her much success in her future endeavors. Keep breaking those stereotypes girl! I see you!


  • In real life I am inspired by my real sister Karen. She is a wonderful mom and daughter. She took care of her sick husband karen n greg2for ten years until his demise this past December. My sister has taken in children from the neighborhood that had less than desirable home lives and raised them without question and she gives of herself openly. She is now facing the challenge of living the rest of her days without the love of her life and though she is devastated, she continues to smile and show love to others. Since she lives in the same town, Karen is also taking the primary responsibility of taking care of our elderly mother who is quite a handful. I admire her patience and kindness and the faith she has in God. She is a true blessing.


  • Finally I am listing the ladies that I would like to recognize for the challenge:


  1. Josie of Mind Jo Business 

Josie has become a great friend of mine via the blogging world and we share a lot of similar ideas. We are somewhat of kindred spirits, she’s just much younger than I am.  I love reading her blog and she always makes time to comment on my posts. Josie had participated in my guest blog project and I have participated in hers as well. It has been a great pleasure getting to know her and I admire her tenacity and outlook on life.

  1. Dee of The Understanding of Dee

I have followed Dee’s blog for quite some time and love her spirit. She is fun loving and smart and we live in the same city. She is bold and brave and I admire her confidence as a plus size lady. When I found out she was a photographer in real life, I immediately booked her to shoot my husband and me for our anniversary last year.  She was better than expected and delivered a great product. She put us at ease and there was no judgement.(We are an interracial couple in the south and tend to draw negative reactions from others.)

  1. Ritu of But I Smile Anyway 

Ritu is an inspiration to many in the blog world. She is always participating in challenges and has a very positive outlook on life. She is a gifted poet and is always taking the time to honor others. She is a very supportive peer and deserves this recognition.

  1. Lisa of Life of An El Paso Woman

Lisa is a great blogger who is kind and always reaches out to my blog. She is kind and always thinks of me when nominating blogs for awards. Her blog is full of informative posts and I always learn something when I go there. Lisa is always very consistent and is a loyal follower.

  1. Audrey of Hey Girl Hey!!! 

I have been cool with Audrey since February of last year when she contacted me to do an interview about my book. She was my first interview and I have never forgotten how grateful I was when she reached out to me. Audrey has a feature called Fly Girl Friday where she features other women who she thinks are fly. She definitely came to mind when I was nominating people for this challenge. Her blog is all about supporting others and making sure her sisters shine! Great job Audrey.

If you get tagged, do the post on your own blog. If you don’t want to do it, do it anyway! lol Add the tag ‘Girl Love’ to your post, so we can see them all! Let’s start 2016 with LOVE for each other! And remember…meme53

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