Words Crush Wednesday #wcw – Carver


wcw Carver2


Today’s Words Crush Wednesday #wcw is from George Washington Carver:

wcw Carver

Thanks to those who participated in previous weeks challenges:

Riddle From the Middle

In the Zone

L. Jones Edition

Eat, Play, Clove.

The Understanding of Dee


Want to join the fun? Click HERE to see how it’s done! The original Words Crush Wednesday. Often imitated, but never duplicated!




2 thoughts on “Words Crush Wednesday #wcw – Carver

  1. Hate may eventually consume the hater but all too often the hater has murdered the hatee by then.I was going to suggest like the KKK but of course they are not destroyed by their hate but buoyed up by it because of their fellow members.Some people feed on hate too.
    I’m hoping those that fear and hate will one day be destroyed by the object. Hopefully then all that will be left is tolerance.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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