Women Who Serve


female soldiers

Women Who Serve

You work twice as hard to prove you can

Be just as good as any man

The life of a female soldier is hard

You come out just as bruised battered and scarred

Some go to war leaving their kids behind

Depending on family and friends for peace of mind

You worry and stress through everything you do

Knowing no one could love your kids like you

Your call of duty is strong and can’t be denied

You hope wish and pray to make it home alive

And when you return they don’t know you anymore

The pain in their eyes hurts to the core

Your hurt and pain doesn’t go unseen

Your status as a heroin makes you a queen!

© Lisa W Tetting


5 thoughts on “Women Who Serve

    • Thank you for your service! I am a military brat and I have two sisters who are vets. I know all to well how women are forgotten so I was happy to make my little contribution. Your post was great and I love the pictures. What a rich history of soldiers in your family.

      • Thank you so much for your kind words and for allowing me to share my blog post with you. I send out my personal Thanks to all the Veterans in your family. I’m truly proud of all the Veterans in my family and across America! God Bless!

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