Men In Uniform


male soldiers2

Men In Uniform

I sit in my house safe and secure

Knowing that I have everything to live for

He marches and sweats and toils for me

Invisible to him is how it must be

Like an angel on my shoulder he shields me

From all the bad things I don’t want to see

This stranger protects my life on a daily

Serving in the Army, Marines, Air Force and Navy

Willing to die to give me life

He leaves everything behind including his wife

A greater sacrifice I could not ask

He serves with honor and goes about his task

Mission accomplished he asks for zero

He deserves to be honored as a hero

But when he comes home there’s no fortune or fame

Just bad memories of the devil calling his name

While I sleep easy comfortable in my bed

He awakes with visions of his brothers lying dead

My heart goes out when I think of you

I’m so very grateful for all that you do.

© Lisa W Tetting

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